Mark Cuban rails at Congress on Twitter for coronavirus inaction

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is pretty angry at Congress for failing to come up with and pass a bill to help American workers and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. He was so angry that he jumped on Twitter and broke out some pretty graphic language to make his point.

What set Cuban off was a tweet from Texas Senator John Cornyn. Cornyn literally “blah blah blah’d” over Senator Chuck Schumer’s explanation for why he and other Democrats voted no on the McConnell-GOP coronavirus relief bill.

Cuban saw that tweet and unleashed quite the profane rant. (Warning: Lots of NSFW language to come.)

Cuban was the first NBA owner to pledge to financially help his non-athlete employees after the NBA was shut down due to the pandemic. He has also not made any moves to cut his employees’ salaries, unlike Philadelphia 76ers owner and hedge fund billionaire Josh Harris. Starting in April, Harris is mandating a 20-percent salary reduction for any at-will Sixers employee who makes more than $50,000 a year.

Cuban — and many American workers who have been struggling with layoffs and job loss as the country tries to protect itself from the pandemic — may have a reason to be slightly happier soon.

Schumer used a football analogy, but it still counts.

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