Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells British Journalist Emily Maitlis To “F**k Off” After Being Questioned On Jewish Space Laser Conspiracy

Pro-Trump Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Greene had some choice words for British journalist Emily Maitlis yesterday when questioned over her support for certain fringe conspiracy theories.

Maitlis was in the U.S. reporting for her daily podcast The News Agents and queried Greene over her promotion of a conspiracy that “state-of-the-art Jewish space lasers” were being used to shoot down Santa Claus. “If you want to win the war on Christmas, first you take out the person who makes Christmas possible,” Greene is reported to have said in 2021.

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Following Trump’s rollicking Super Tuesday victory over Nikki Haley, Maitlis asked Greene: “Can you tell me why so many people that support Donald Trump love conspiracy theories including yourself?”

Greene responded by accusing Maitlis, the left and the mainstream media of themselves being “conspiracy theorists.”

When Maitlis pressed Greene on the “Jewish space lasers” conspiracy, she responded: “Why don’t you go talk about Jewish space lasers and, really, why don’t you f**k off.”

Elsewhere, Greene urged Haley to drop out the race but refused to be drawn on whether she will be on Trump’s long list to be his Vice President. “I support Donald Trump in any way he asks,” she added.

A debate opened up yesterday in the U.S media landscape over Trump’s Super Tuesday victory speech and whether it should have been shown in full as networks mull over how to cover the former President’s fusillade of false claims and unfounded accusations.

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