"The Sims" Is Getting A Movie Adaptation And Will Be Produced By Margot Robbie, So Naturally Fans Are Freaking Out About It

It's no secret that Barbie was one of the biggest movies of 2023, and a lot of that success is due to Margot Robbie's involvement in front of and behind the camera.

Margot in a strapless shimmering gown posing on the red carpet at an Oscar event

And now her production company, LuckyChap, has found their next project: The Sims.

A group of animated characters from The Sims game displaying various expressions and gestures as they stand outside with a heart icon overhead

Per Variety, a film adaptation of the hit EA video game The Sims is currently in the works and will be produced by LuckyChap and Vertigo Entertainment.

Animated characters at a moonlit gathering

Kate Herron, who's best known for directing the first season of Loki, is set to direct the movie and write the script alongside Briony Redman.

Kate Herron at an event wearing a floral blouse and a blazer
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

There aren't any details about the movie's plot yet, but many Sims fans are wondering if the game's infamous Bella Goth mystery will be included. Only time will tell!

Bella Goth looking over her shoulder by a window with curtains

Naturally, people are ELATED by the news:

ABC / Twitter: @DireDick

Person in bed gesticulating dramatically, referring to characters from the Sims video game series
Kate Middleton in a red coat smiling with a picture of Bella Goth from The Sims game, tweet hints Kate will portray her
comment reads, if this happens i want a full sims album of artists singing their songs in simlish
Paris Hilton in a jacket with fur collar holding The Sims Online game box at a premiere
Meme of a distressed woman reacting to a scenario where a Sims game kitchen catches fire and doors vanish
Fantasia Barrino passionately sings into a microphone on stage with a comment reading, margot robbie? oh she taking simoleon
same production team as saltburn? i dont wanna see anyone draining don lotario's hot tub

So, what do you think about The Sims movie? And more importantly, who do you think should be cast in it? Let us know in the comments.

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