Manon Les Suites: still the most wow-worthy hotel in Copenhagen

The dramatic Balinese pool  (Manon les Suites)
The dramatic Balinese pool (Manon les Suites)

Copenhagen remains the aspirational city: the place you’d pack up and move to, if only you could commit to a life of taupe rollnecks and breezily riding cargo bikes. Manon Les Suites seeks to mesh that laidback mentality with a decidedly more colourful offering than its neutral-toned contemporaries: think the vibrant greens of the Bali tropics, in the heart of the city. Hygge who?

Where is it?

Around 10 minutes’ walk from the Tivoli Gardens, Manon Les Suites is on the residential edge of the city’s main throng. It’s right on the Lakes — ideal for walking or biking along the water come snow or shine. The hotel’s front door is so unassuming you may miss it, if it weren’t for the custom-branded scooter outside.


Bamboo lightshades, egg chairs, faux stag heads wearing flower crowns: Manon Les Suites is about as far from typical Danish design as you can get, taking inspiration instead from their Bali hotel (the Guldsmeden brand also has properties in Iceland, Germany, France and Norway). Tropical music plays gently in the lobby, where videos showing lush mountains and bright blue waters play; being good to the planet is front and centre here, with toiletries from I Love Eco including pit crystals (toxin-free deodorant bars) to toothpaste tablets and bamboo hairbrushes. You may not be on the Indian Ocean, but a pink robe, glass of punch and spot by the turquoise pool could convince you otherwise.

 (Manon les Suites)
(Manon les Suites)


The Junglefish pool is the hotel’s centrepiece: an island-esque paradise with fish lamps dangling from the ceiling, and brightly coloured parakeets in cages suspended mid-air. When you’re done with paddling, make your way to the sixth floor sauna — which, in January, will require a dash through the snow to get to. Finish off your schvitz and steam at the rooftop bar with a Storm in Bali (their take on a Dark and Stormy) or Jungle Queen (rhubarb and cardamom syrup with prosecco and organic Danish gin) or, if you want to keep working up a sweat, head to the subterranean gym, which features a full boxing ring.

Food & drink

Chapung, Manon Les Suites’ sixth-floor restaurant overlooking the Lakes, is responsible for its breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. You’ll feel virtuous after their signature breakfast, where Bali meets Denmark (think fried rice with homemade granolas and exotic fruits, and a selection of slightly less virtuous pastries). While foods are largely organic and sourced locally, the inspiration for dinner has travelled several thousand miles further, featuring Asian fusion dishes including sashimi, kimchi, tom kha, seaweed and salmon. Or, if you fancy dining quietly a deux, room service options include caviar and champagne, green curry or chicken satay. Whatever you choose, be sure to be on either the rooftop or at your suite’s windows for sundown.

 (Manon les Suites)
(Manon les Suites)


Head to Torvehallerne — essentially Copenhagen’s version of Borough Market — for a smorrebrod (open sandwich, ideally piled with smoked fish). Walking and biking is everything here, so potter or pedal along the water at Nyehaven, where brightly-coloured houses line the harbour, and make the most of the parks, lakes and rivers that pepper the city. Trendy Norrebro is your best bet for boutiques and bars.

Which room?

Each of the hotel’s 87 rooms is a suite, all set up in an apartment style, with kitchenettes, living and dining areas, and four poster beds. Some have outdoor terraces, while others frame the pool area. The Petite Suites are, as you might expect, the smallest - but still feel uber-roomy; if you’re visiting in a group, go for the two-bedroom suite, which also has two living rooms. All have four-poster beds (with individual duvets) and sofas to stretch out on, and are decorated in a mix of beach luxe white, with multicoloured rugs and artwork.

 (Manon les Suites)
(Manon les Suites)

Best for…

Urban chill. There are sofa beds available for families, but Manon Les Suites is only for those aged 15+, so best suited to couples or friends in need of a colourful-yet-quiet spot in the city.

 (Manon les Suites)
(Manon les Suites)


Petite Suites start at £195 per night (or £254 including breakfast for two).