Manchester United fans storm CEO Ed Woodward's house to throw flares, issue death threat (video)

Manchester United fans want CEO Ed Woodward to leave the club. (Photo by Mike Egerton/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images)

Manchester United fans stormed team CEO Ed Woodward’s house on Tuesday. A group of roughly 20 to 30 people marched to Woodward’s mansion in Cheshire, where they threw flares at Woodward’s house, according to multiple reports.

A video of fans throwing a flare at what is allegedly Woodward’s house was posted on social media. The caption on the video read, “Ed Woodward’s gonna die.”

Woodward, his wife and their young twins were not home when the mob arrived at the house, according to Mirror.

A source told the Sun the fans want Woodward to leave the club.

“Woodward has been a disaster as chief executive and needs to leave the club.

"Lots of people have said it but he doesn’t seem to listen - perhaps because he’s getting paid £4m-a-year.

“So we decided to pay him a visit to tell him to his face. We didn’t get to speak to him but hopefully he’ll get the message because we’re not going away and we won’t stand around doing nothing while our club is ruined.”

The Sun also says the fans spray-painted graffiti near Woodward’s entrance gate and shot fireworks at the house.

It’s the second time this week Manchester United fans have threatened Woodward. During the team’s game against Tranmere on Sunday, fans chanted death threats at the 48-year-old Woodward. Manchester United won that game 6-0, but the club has struggled plenty in recent seasons.

In a statement, Manchester United told the Sun they were aware of the situation at Woodward’s house. The team encouraged fans to come together to find out who was involved. It noted that any person found guilty would be banned by the club for life.

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