Manager change 'baffling' but 'fans will give Maresca their support'

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We asked for your views on new Chelsea manager Enzo Maresca, the length of his contract and how he will fit in at Stamford Bridge.

Here are some of your thoughts:

Steve: A crazy appointment! This could be another Graham Potter moment. I don't understand what is going on at our club. Pochettino had just got us going and he was playing our youngsters. Maresca having a stint under Pep Guardiola doesn't guarantee anything!

Fossie: Time will tell as to how well Maresca will do. A five-year deal is a long time and the club could end up paying wages for another short managerial stint, given their record. Apparently his tactics are similar to Pochettino's. I don't envisage much change in playing style but the defence must improve and that will go some way in improving our results.

Nick: When Potter arrived, we were told it was for the long-term and he would be given time, but he lasted less than a season. Then Pochettino was appointed to develop the younger players, he did that but lasted a season. Chelsea fans will give Maresca their support but, if he doesn't achieve top six, the fans will turn on Eghbali, Winstanley and Stewart.

Chris: Why is he any better than Pochettino? I find the whole thing baffling. These two Americans are making us a laughing stock. Pep's number two and one year at Leicester, is that really good enough for us? If it is, I fear our standards have dropped! We will see.

Mark: It is putting a lot of faith in the Pep effect. It's worth remembering that Arteta had never managed before when he took over Arsenal and, after an average start, they are one of the most consistent Premier League teams. Enzo has dealt with the expectation of getting Leicester promoted, so he has clearly got something going for him. Will the club give him the time? That's the question.

Daniel: I believe we will be able to win a trophy next season. I pray that we can sign Osimhen or Sesko because we need a world-class striker. I'm not saying that Jackson is bad, but we need someone that can actually finish. I really believe that we will succeed and I have Maresca's back. I pray he does well.