Man Utd manager Erik ten Hag says players did not run enough in Spurs defeat

Erik ten Hag points on the touchline
Erik ten Hag has called out his Manchester United players after losing 2-0 at Tottenham

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has accused his players of not running enough in their defeat at Tottenham.

United lost 2-0 on Saturday to a dominant Spurs side and Ten Hag blamed United's attack and defence.

The Dutchman added he has left his players in no doubt they had fallen below the standards he demands.

"They didn't run, or they run in the wrong moment, too late. They didn't recover - especially the front," he said.

"I gave them the feedback this is not acceptable. Every individual has to take responsibility. We need accountable players."

At the start of last season he called in the players on their day off to run 8.5 miles after the side's 5-0 defeat at Brentford. Ten Hag opted against scrapping a planned day off this time round.

According to Ten Hag, United's performance at Tottenham dipped after about 35 minutes, which was roughly the point when skipper Bruno Fernandes missed a glorious headed chance.

United's unconvincing start has left them with three points from a Premier League campaign which began with a fortunate home win against Wolves. They face Nottingham Forest at Old Trafford on Saturday.

"We were so good, then they got distracted and were not doing their jobs any more," he said.

"I am not used to it from this team, because they always do. That is what the fans can expect and we have to demand.

"We have to face [the fact that] the first two games were not good enough - but still we won one."