Man hit by car after 'scorned lover ordered attack'

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On the night they broke up, a scorned lover allegedly ordered an attack on her ex-boyfriend.

About half an hour later police say her former partner was hit by a car driven by a man dubbed "Menace", 21-year-old Majok Chol Majok.

The 28-year-old ex-boyfriend now has life-threatening injuries after surgery removed a section of his skull, Brisbane Magistrates Court has been told.

Police prosecutor Eddie Fraser said on Tuesday there was a "vile, protracted, vicious attack on the behest of a scorned lover" in Brisbane's inner-south in April.

Police will allege a 23-year-old woman received a message from her de facto partner that confirmed their two-year relationship was over after she had earlier spotted him with another female at a West End bar.

CCTV footage will show the woman arguing with the now ex-boyfriend outside the bar at about 1am on April 23 before punching him, police say.

It is alleged the woman sent the former partner a threatening message before calling Majok - who police believe has links with criminal gang Swish Bound Gorillas - and saying: "Menace bring everyone, bring everybody".

The woman told another man to "come right now" during a number of calls after mentioning her ex-partner and that she wanted to "f*** his s*** up", police say.

Police allege Majok and four other men arrived at West End wearing balaclavas in a Mazda soon afterwards, speaking with the woman for about 10 minutes.

The woman then walked toward her ex-partner who was with a group nearby before turning to the Mazda and shouting "OK".

Majok allegedly then immediately got out of the car with the four others and ran toward the ex-boyfriend's group, threatening them with knives.

Police say Majok also drove into one of the ex-boyfriend's associates "at speed" after a co-offender stabbed the 27-year-old multiple times in the back.

Co-offenders then punched, kicked and threw a shopping trolley on the ex-partner's 27-year-old associate as he lay on the ground "defenceless", police allege.

Majok is also accused of lining up and accelerating into the woman's ex-partner who allegedly hit the bonnet and tumbled over the vehicle's roof before the Mazda sped away.

Mr Fraser described it as a "deliberate and purpose-driven collision by the Mazda".

He said the ex-partner had since undergone several surgeries including a decompressive craniotomy "with the removal of a large section of skull".

Acting Magistrate Peter Cooke on Tuesday noted that the ex-boyfriend was still in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Mr Fraser said the other victim was treated for three stab wounds.

Majok - who was on bail at the time - was arrested after a police search of his home on Monday.

He has been charged with attempted murder, affray, wounding, assault occasioning bodily harm in company and breaching bail.

His lawyer on Tuesday asked for bail to be granted with a 24-hour curfew and other restrictions, saying Majok's family was willing to offer a $10,000 surety.

But Mr Cooke refused bail, with the matter adjourned to June 5.