Man enrages girlfriend with ‘insensitive’ post-breakup vacation: ‘A lot of unnecessary drama’

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A man took a new friend on a vacation he planned with his ex. Now, his ex is upset.

He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help navigating the issue. His ex-girlfriend dumped him two months before their planned trip. Fearing he would lose the nonrefundable deposits, he took an old female friend with him on the vacation. But his ex-girlfriend thinks he’s being insensitive.

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“My ex-girlfriend and I were together for almost 3 years,” he explained. “She always dreamed of taking a vacation to a country she loves so for our 3 year anniversary I wanted to surprise her with this vacation. But she ended up breaking up with me about 2 months before the trip because according to her we weren’t working out anymore as a couple. It was really hard for me but there was nothing else to do other than respect her decision. So I accepted the break up and moved on with my life.

At the end the breakup was pretty amicable. But I still paid for the trip I was planning to take with her. My first plan was to get it refunded but I would lose almost half of what I paid for because most of the planned activities weren’t refundable. About a month after the break up I reconnected with an old fwb and we hit it off. We started talking more frequently and started spending more time together but kept everything very casual.

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I was still stuck with the trip I booked and instead of losing half of my money, I decide to ask my friend if she wanted to take this trip with me and she agreed. We ended up taking the trip and it we had a great time. I didn’t really tell anybody or posted anything about the trip online. My friend did put a few things on her social media and my ex found out that I took the trip with my friend.

When we returned from the trip, I got a call from my ex girfriend saying that I hurt her feelings for doing something she always wanted with another woman and we could’ve taken the trip as friends. I just told her that we are no longer together and that I didn’t owe her this and moved on. I later on got flamed by our mutual friend for being an insensitive Ah and for not taking her feelings into consideration. I feel like this is a lot of unnecessary drama for no reason. I don’t want these friendships of the past few years to break because of my break up. What is the bestw ay to deal with the situation here?”

People felt his ex-girlfriend was being a bit ridiculous.

“Take me on a trip (that you paid for) as friends after I dumped you is wild,” a user said.

“The mental gymnastics are real with this one,” another commented.

“She cant play both sides of that fence post. Let her be salty,” a TikToker wrote.

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