Man asks woman to drive more than 2 hours for first date: ‘Am I doing all the hard work here?’

A woman was asked out on a date that would require her to drive two and a half hours, and she wants to know how far is too far to travel for a first date.

The perplexed first dater took to Reddit’s “Hinge App” forum to ask for advice. She shared that she was hesitant to travel over two hours for a first date but wasn’t sure if she was being unreasonable.

A young woman is using her smartphone.
A young woman is using her smartphone.

The woman, 29, began by explaining that she matched with a 28-year-old man on Hinge. For the last week, she and her Hinge match have been texting regularly.

“[J]ust [a] few texts daily,” she explains.

Recently, the man asked the post’s author out on a date. While the woman was interested in meeting up, the man’s stipulations caught her off guard.

“He’s asked me on a date and he lives about 2.5hrs drive from me,” she recalls. “I drive but he doesn’t.”

The woman went on to explain that the trains are unreliable where she lives. Because the man doesn’t drive, he suggested they meet up at a park near him, which would require the woman to drive several hours.

When the woman asked what the man had planned in terms of food, he didn’t have much of an answer. “I asked if there was anywhere to eat there and he said there was a [supermarket] which I think means he has no plans to get food,” the woman recalls.

“I don’t really want to drive over two hours for just a walk and then two hours back,” she explains.

“Am I doing all the hard work here? Or just completely overthinking it?” she asks. “How far would you drive for a first date knowing the other person isn’t traveling as far?”

Most Redditors were not willing to drive that far.

Readers responded resoundingly that two and a half hours was too far to travel for a first date.

“Yeah [I] definitely would not go that far, especially since 1) He doesn’t really have a plan and 2) Isn’t meeting halfway,” wrote one Redditor.

“Girl, you are NOT driving 2.5 hours for a walk and a meal deal,” another reader chimed in.

“[I] probably wouldn’t drive that far for a date. At most, if I could get a train and could do other things if the date went badly. I’d probably not travel any more than half an hour,” commented another Redditor.

While distance might not be any match for true love, many people agree that a two-and-a-half-hour drive is a long way to go for a first date.

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