Man armed with rope in Selfridges brawl spared jail

A young man who armed himself with a rope during a running battle through Selfridges which ended in two people being stabbed has been handed a suspended jail sentence.

Rivals brandishing knives and makeshift weapons were involved in a mass brawl at the department store on Oxford Street, as a mannequin was launched across the aisles and clothing rails were knocked to the ground.

Jevani Best, 23, was among those involved in the violent disorder, witnessed by terrified shoppers, as he was caught on camera arming himself with a rope.

Ryheem Lindsay, 20, and Brian Carvalho, 22, who were on rival sides of the violence, were both stabbed and needed hospital treatment after the shocking incident on May 8, 2021.

At Southwark crown court on Thursday, Best was sentenced to 12 months jail suspended for the next two years

Carvalho and Andre Deer, 20, who were convicted of violent disorder alongside Best, are due to be sentenced next month, while Lindsay was declared unfit to stand trial and a jury found he had also been involved in the violent disorder, as well as responsibility for wounding with intent and carrying an article with a blade or point.

CCTV obtained by the Evening Standard shows how violence erupted in Selfridges when Carvalho, shopping with his brother, had an altercation with a rival group including Deer and Lindsay.

Javani Best was involved in violent disorder in Selfridges (MPS)
Javani Best was involved in violent disorder in Selfridges (MPS)

“This was a completely unnecessary outbreak of violence between two groups, in an otherwise crowded public place - Selfridges store”, said prosecutor Robert Brown.

“There were plenty of escape routes for anyone who wished to avoid the violence, and plenty of staff if anyone needed assistance.

“The violence that followed was completely unlawful and unacceptable, and certainly didn’t need to involve the use of knives.”

In the five-minute compilation of CCTV and social media footage, shoppers are seen fleeing as Carvalho is “rushed” by a group of men.

Best, from Tottenham, emerges with a rope in his hand, wielding it at Carvalho who has now armed himself with a knife.

As Carvalho retreated, he tried to kick Best and Deer, from Borehamwood, was caught on camera “fly kicking” Carvalho’s brother in the back. As the incident moved to a corridor leading to the toilets, Carvalho “lashed out” at Lindsay and Best, while Lindsay was caught on camera holding a knife as well, said the prosecutor.

The court heard Lindsay stabbed Mr Carvalho, leaving him lying motionless on the ground where he was then helped by store staff.

Bryan Carvalho was guilty of violent disorder in Selfridges (MPS)
Bryan Carvalho was guilty of violent disorder in Selfridges (MPS)

Lindsay took himself by taxi to the Whittington Hospital where he received treatment to a knife wound to his leg.

Carvalho, who lives in Bounds Green, was found not guilty of wounding with intent.

After the guilty verdicts, Detective Inspector Tim Fines said:"These individuals are very dangerous and caused chaos and fear in a place that people should feel safe in.

“We do not tolerate violence and the use of weapons that comes with it.

“If you are involved in gang violence, anti-social behaviour or carry weapons we will find you and justice will be served."