Man accused of killing bird spends night in custody

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Tony Phillips/AAP PHOTOS

The alleged killer of an ibis in Sydney is in custody after police say they found the dead bird in his home.

The 60-year-old is accused of capturing and killing the bird, which are affectionately nicknamed bin chickens, in Little Bay about 12.20pm on Tuesday.

He put it in his bag and rode off, witnesses told police.

Officers allegedly found the dead bird in his unit in neighbouring Malabar and arrested the man.

He was charged with animal cruelty and stolen goods offences and was remanded in custody.

The man is due to face Waverley Local Court on Wednesday morning.

It's the second time in as many months the man has been charged for attacking an ibis.

He was arrested and charged on March 31 after allegedly tying a rope around the feet and neck of an ibis outside Eastwood railway station.

Onlookers intervened before the man could leave with the bird.

The court matter was finalised before the alleged incident on Tuesday.