Malted Milk Powder Will Give Your Cake's Icing A Kick Of Nostalgia

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If you have an unused package of malted milk powder stashed in your kitchen cupboard and aren't quite sure what to do with it, it's time to add it to some icing. Though malted milk powder may be an ingredient more commonly associated with milkshakes and chocolate-coated candy, the dried product can bring a satisfying taste of yesteryear to your culinary decorating projects. Originally made as a nutritional supplement, the 1869 creation found its way into concoctions of milk and chocolate syrup — and, eventually, ice cream. But why stop there? Spoonfuls of this familiar-tasting powder can easily be blended into cake batter, cookie dough, and bowls of icing.

By mixing malted milk powder into a classic cream cheese frosting recipe, you'll add extra richness and subtly toasted yet earthy sweetness. That's due to the elements that combine to make malted milk powder in the first place: wheat flour, malted barley extracts, milk, salt, and sodium bicarbonate. Trust us, this definitely belongs in the frosting you use for cakes and cupcakes.

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A Sweet Taste Of Yesteryear

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While each brand has its own ratio of ingredients that make up its packages of malted milk powder, you may also notice labels of chocolate and vanilla listed on containers at the store. Choose accordingly whether you'd like to add a burst of chocolate goodness to your dessert or a smooth boost of vanilla.

To include malted milk powder in your next batch of chocolate frosting, start by mixing two or three tablespoons of the powder then taste after combining so as not to overpower the chocolate flavor. Adjust accordingly to suit your palate and the dessert you intend to serve. For an added textural element to your decorated goods, sprinkle some of the malted milk powder on top. After turning up the oldies playlist saved on your computer, you may feel like you're sitting at an American diner, and we wouldn't fault you if you served a chocolate milkshake with a fresh slice of your malted frosted cake.

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