Major League baseball player's epic meltdown for the ages

Major League Baseball witnessed one of the most explosive tantrums from Tampa Bay’s Carlos Gomez, but where does it rank amongst the all-time dugout blow-ups?

Fireworks were not advertised for the Fourth of July game between the Rays and Miami Marlins but they came regardless – in the form of a particularly fiery Tampa Bay centre fielder.

Vision of Gomez unleashing a wild and destructive dugout meltdown has conjured memories of other epic meltdowns seen over the years in MLB.

Gomez was furious after his second-inning strikeout against Marlins starter Jose Urena. Really, really furious.

You can see just how furious in the video at the top of the page.

Earlier in the at-bat, it appeared Gomez was hit on the right hand by one of Urena’s pitches. However, Gomez was not awarded first base because home plate umpire Chris Segal ruled that he’d made an attempt to bunt the pitch.

Tampa Bay would have had a bases loaded, nobody out situation had Gomez been awarded first base.

Gomez with one of the all-time MLB dugout tantrums. Pic: MLB

Instead, he eventually struck out. Willy Adames followed by grounding into an inning-ending double play. It would prove to be the Rays best scoring opportunity in a game they’d lose to Miami 3-0.

Tucked in the middle of the Rays lost opportunity was Gomez’s meltdown. First, he relentlessly bashed one Gatorade cooler with his bat. Then he launched a forearm attack that sent another tumbling onto the field.

Amazingly, Gomez was not ejected for his antics.

But it did get baseball fans wondering where Gomez’s destructive dugout meltdown ranks among others seen in MLB’s recent past.

Here are a few others that certainly rank near the top of the list.

Carlos Zambrano
Who could ever forget Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano going nuts on a Gatorade dispenser in the home dugout at Wrigley Field?

The incident happened on May 27, 2009, after Zambrano vehemently disagreed with umpire Mark Carlson’s call on a tag play at home plate. Zambrano went nose-to-nose with Carlson leading to his ejection. Then he motioned to eject the umpire, before heading to the dugout to do some damage.

David Ortiz
This one tends to get overlooked.

Following a strikeout and ejection during a July 27, 2013 game in Baltimore, David Ortiz proceeded to bash and destroy the phone in the visitor’s dugout.

Sean Rodriguez
This one got a lot of attention because it happened in the postseason.

During the 2015 National League Wildcard Game, then Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Sean Rodriguez essentially got into a boxing match with a Gatorade cooler in Pittsburgh’s dugout.

The meltdown came after Rodriguez had been ejected during a seventh-inning benches-clearing incident that came after Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta was hit by a pitch. It was part of a long, frustrating night that saw Pittsburgh’s thrilling season come to an end.

After cooling down and sleeping off the frustration, Rodriguez actually tweeted an apology to the Gatorade cooler. We don’t know if all was forgiven, but we do know that meltdown is one for the ages.

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