Mailman shares 6-figure paycheck to recruit more postal workers: ‘We need help desperately’

This United States Postal Service (USPS) worker wants you to become a postal worker — and his main selling point is a six-figure salary.

The USPS is experiencing a worker shortage across the country. It’s causing delivery delays and forcing staff to work overtime. Missouri postman and TikToker Lukas posted a screenshot of his paycheck to recruit more workers.

Lukas shared that he earned $4,423 in two weeks and six figures in a year. But it did come at the cost of working an additional 23 hours of overtime.

“We need help and the post office pays well,” he said. “The post office pays well and we’re hiring. We need help desperately.”

He explained that the reason why he has to work so many hours is that there aren’t enough workers. If there were more staff, he’d be earning a solid income with work-life balance to boot.

“The money is out there we just need people to come in and help spread it around,” Lukas said.

The postal worker’s call to action got mixed reactions on TikTok.

“Post office is recession safe. Been there 30 years,” a user said.

“If management wasn’t so horrible you guys could keep people. I lasted about 2 weeks before I decided I’m worth more than the way I was being treated,” another wrote.

“I miss working at the post office so much just because of the pay,” a TikToker replied.

“I made so much money while working there but I had no social life,” a person added.

“This isn’t paying well. This is overworking and underpaying the employees,” someone commented.

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