Maignan mocks penalty rules after retaken Poland kick

France goalkeeper Mike Maignan has expressed his frustration at the penalty rules after he was penalised for coming off his line too early when saving a spot-kick at Euro 2024.

The AC Milan player, 28, successfully kept out a penalty from Poland's Robert Lewandowski but the referee ordered it to be retaken because the keeper had strayed off his line before the ball was kicked.

Lewandowski, who used a stuttered run-up for both penalties, scored the second one to earn Poland a 1-1 draw and ensure France only finished second in Group D.

A post on Maignan's Instagram was headlined "as the attacker begins his 87th feint in his run-up," in reference to the incident.

He also joked: "New Ifab rules for penalties in 2026: Goalkeepers must have their backs turned at the time of the shot. In case of a save, an indirect free-kick."

Mike Maignan saving Robert Lewandowski's penalty
Maignan saved Lewandowski's first penalty, but it was ordered to be retaken [Getty Images]

Maignan included a link to a story from 2023 about new rules from football's law-makers Ifab, stating that goalkeepers are not allowed to do anything that "unfairly distracts the kicker", such as touching the posts or crossbar.

They were already required to have "at least part of one foot touching, in line with, or behind, the goalline" when the ball is kicked.

Penalty takers are allowed to feint their run-up, but cannot feint taking the kick once the run-up is complete.

Maignan, who has 19 caps, is playing in his first major tournament for France after long-time number one Hugo Lloris retired after the 2022 World Cup.

Their last-16 match will take place in Dusseldorf on Monday, with their opponents to be confirmed after Wednesday's final group games.