Maguire should be given more 'credit'

Harry Maguire looks on for England
Harry Maguire looks on for England

England boss Gareth Southgate has condemned the "ridiculous treatment" of Harry Maguire, saying the criticism the defender has faced is "a joke".

Former England winger Chris Waddle agreed and told BBC Radio 5 Live that the Manchester United defender is being targeted unfairly.

"Give him credit, I didn't see him give the ball away, the own goal [against Scotland] was the only thing he did wrong," said Waddle.

"He should've gone abroad and got a move. If he had gone to Italy he could pass the ball out from the back - we know he lacks a bit of pace.

"It would've been ideal to go abroad and play football for a year then when he comes back to England he would get half [of the criticism] he gets now and it's ridiculous what [criticism] he gets now."

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale also defended his England team-mate after Tuesday's own goal.

"When you're in a period where you're under the microscope, every little thing is analysed and detailed," he said.

"If he was playing week in, week out or this noise wasn't around and he scored an own goal it'd probably get brushed under the carpet.

"But at the minute, because of the situation people are overhyping 'he shouldn’t be playing, he shouldn’t be here'.

"Harry Maguire, as we've seen for England, is one of the best defenders we've got. He's so strong mentally and he's got a great group of people around him and he knows his qualities.

"He's always a threat in the box for set pieces, he knows he can defend, he knows he's a leader. I love playing with him."