People Are Very Upset With Madonna After She Mistakenly Told A Wheelchair User To Stand During Her Show

Madonna has stirred up (more) controversy after pausing a recent concert to ask a fan to stand.

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In a video, which has since been viewed over 1 million times on X, Madonna was addressing the crowd when she noticed the person seated in the audience. "What are you doing sitting down over there?" she said, pointing towards them. She then appeared to ask the fan, "What are you getting sitting down?"

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Seemingly unable to hear their response, Madonna walked closer to the edge of the stage before realizing the fan used a wheelchair. "Oh, okay," she conceded. "Politically incorrect. Sorry about that."

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"I'm glad you're here," Madonna added before resuming her position at the center of the stage.

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Social media was quick to respond to the moment online, with many users calling it awful and "embarrassing."

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"At her age, she should have known better than to do this," one person wrote in part.

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People also said that fans should be able to sit at concerts if they want, regardless of whether they use a wheelchair.

even if that person wasn't using a mobility aid, why tf do you have to call someone out for sitting down like sis imma sit if i want to
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"Disability is not always evident. It shouldn't matter if they were in a wheelchair or not," one fan argued.

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"That is exactly why performers shouldn't concern themselves with if someone is sitting or not," another fan echoed.

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Some stated that at least Madonna apologized.

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But others criticized the delivery and tone of her apology.

she should have profusely apologized
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delivered on a turn away and dismissive hand wipe, yikes / 2kz3/madonna_calls_out_someone_for_sitting_down_during/

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Madonna hasn't further commented on the mishap, but we'll let you know if she does.