Madame Web slated in first reactions to Spider-Man spin-off

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First reactions for Madame Web landSony Pictures

We've had to wait, but the first reactions to Madame Web have finally arrived ahead of it swinging into cinemas tomorrow (February 14).

The Spider-Man spin-off stars Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, a paramedic who develops the power to see the future and decides to use her ability to change what she's seen in her visions.

It leads her to team up with three young women – Julia (Sydney Sweeney), Mattie (Celeste O'Connor) and Anya (Isabela Merced) – when Cassandra discovers that they're in danger from the villainous Ezekiel Sims (Tahar Rahim).

But is Madame Web better than fellow Spidey spin-offs Venom, Morbius and Venom: Let There Be Carnage? Here's a selection of the first reactions to Madame Web.

isabel merced, dakota johnson, sydney sweeney, celeste o'connor, madame web
Jessica Kourkounis - Sony Pictures

Unfortunately for Madame Web, the majority of the first reactions seem to focus on the negatives with Hollywood Handle's Richard Neto describing the new film as "awful".

"I tried to enjoy it but sadly the poor execution wouldn’t help it," he confessed. "The cast is definitely great but the performances were definitely disappointing. Sony gotta stop making these."

"Unfortunately for me, #MadameWeb lacked the spark it needed in nearly every dept: writing, acting, action sequences," Screen Rant's Patrice Witherspoon added, before noting there were "a few good moments" but the film was "hard to get through".

While some critics made positive remarks about the cast, most were in agreement that the film missed the mark overall.

"I was not, unfortunately, successfully entertained," critic Ro Moore wrote. "#MadameWeb is a series of misses and wasted opportunities."

"#MadameWeb is totally fine," Discussing Film's James Preston Poole wrote. "There’s really not a lot to say here. The leads are charming. Dakota Johnson is a witchy weirdo. The slasher/Final Destination meets superheroes vibes are there. But there’s just not a whole lot to it. Not a disaster. Just kinda there."

dakota johnson as madame web, madame web
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Ahead of its release, Dakota Johnson told Digital Spy that she "never saw myself doing a superhero movie", but there was one main reason she signed up to Madame Web.

"I really love the idea of a superhero being a young woman whose power was her mind and her intellect. I find that really powerful," she explained.

It could well just be the start for her superhero journey if Madame Web is a hit, and Johnson already has an idea of who she'd want to team up with in a potential sequel.

"I feel I would choose whichever superheroes have more physical strengths than Madame Web," Johnson noted. "I feel she could handle all the intellectual stuff, and then I just need people who are really strong or like shoot lasers or fireballs out of their fingertips."

Madame Web is released in cinemas tomorrow (February 14).

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