M&Ms Debuts New Toasty Vanilla Flavor To Sweeten Up The Holidays

A bag og Toasty Vanilla M&M's
A bag og Toasty Vanilla M&M's - m&m's

Once again, it's that exciting time of the year when brands start rolling out their limited-edition holiday flavors. One of the latest products to bring in the 2023 holiday season is the new Holiday White Chocolate Toasty Vanilla M&M's, thanks to the Mars candy company. This edition of the classic hard-shelled chocolate candies features toasty vanilla-flavored white chocolates coated in brown, white, and vanilla-colored crunchy shells, according to the M&M's website.

This tasty flavor combination reminds us of a steaming mug of white hot chocolate that we might enjoy drinking during the winter holiday season. "Whether served by themselves or baked into your favorite holiday cookies and desserts, this iconic candy adds seasonal fun to everything," says the M&M's website. The company recommends using them to brighten up your candy dishes and dessert spreads at New Year's and Christmas celebrations.

Ready to grab a bag? You can order the festive candy in one, six, and 12-count packages starting at $4.99 with free shipping on orders over $49 from the M&M's website. You can also find the candies at your local M&M's Store, or at national retailers like grocery stores and Walmart.

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Trying Toasty Vanilla M&M's

Christmas M&M's displayed in a candy cane
Christmas M&M's displayed in a candy cane - mmschocolate/Instagram

The limited-edition Toasty Vanilla M&M's flavor currently has a five-star rating based on 12 reviews on the company's website, meaning the new candies are surely delicious on their own. Still, the brand recommends tossing them into your favorite holiday desserts like cookies and brownies. We think the vanilla-flavored white chocolate is a good way to balance out rich desserts like dark chocolate brownies. You could also let the kids in your family use them to liven up a batch of sugar cookies.

The bags would also work as great stocking stuffers for the foodies in your family and friends group. For reference, the candies' main ingredients are milk chocolate, sugar, and cornstarch. And, in case you have allergies, these M&M's do contain milk and soy. Toasty Vanilla M&M's have 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, and 19 grams of sugar per 1-ounce serving, according to its nutritional label.

If vanilla isn't your favorite, this isn't the only holiday edition M&M's flavor available in 2023. Mars also brought back its popular limited-edition Holiday Mint Chocolate M&M's, which feature peppermint-flavored milk chocolates coated in red, green, and white shells. The brand also has plenty of festive-themed gifts like holiday loungewear, candy jars, and snowflake party favor bags listed on its website. And, if you prefer the classic M&M's, both the original and peanut variations with the festive red and green shells have also returned this season.

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