Lyma introduces the supercharged Laser Pro

lyma laser pro
Lyma’s Laser Pro has landedRosdiana Ciaravolo

Skin devices are commonplace in at-home routines these days: there’s a high chance you already use a brightening LED face mask or a brow-lifting microcurrent wand. But for many, there is only one skin device to be reckoned with, and that’s the Lyma Laser: the market’s only at-home product to harness cold Low Level Laser Therapy.

Now, the brand is taking things further with the Laser Pro: a bigger, better, more eye-wateringly priced version of that cult original.

Lyma isn’t a brand to launch anything lightly – to date, the six-year old company boasts just three products – and the new offering is as weightily considered as the Supplement, Skincare and, of course, the light device that precedes it.

“The Lyma Laser Pro was born out of the want for bigger, faster, stronger,” explains Lyma founder Lucy Goff. “When we launched the Laser, it didn’t take long for facialists and dermatologists across the globe to start using it in their clinics. Suddenly we were seeing them adding the Laser into their top treatments, often using two devices at once on their A-list clients.” (Indeed, a quick scroll of the brand’s Instagram page confirms celebrity fans ranging from Hailey Bieber to Ana de Armas.)

Indeed, that original innovation achieved something truly rare in today’s hyper-saturated skincare market: it offered something completely unchallenged by competitors. (The technology may be frequently conflated with LED therapy, but it’s an entirely different concept.) Where existing protocols such as microneedling, fractional lasers and even retinol work on the basis of causing trauma to induce repair, the Lyma laser achieves the latter without the former, meaning it can be used at home with no risk, downtime, or expertise.

So, what’s new? The Laser Pro is really the original device on steroids, designed for use in clinics (but also available for die-hard fans to purchase at home). Now, this isn't a case of dialling up the power of the original – if you’ve purchased the first device, you haven’t been served a small portion of the technology’s actual potential – but rather increasing the surface area it’s possible to treat at once.

“Housing three near-infrared 500mW lasers, it offers three times the power behind a lens that’s nearly four times bigger, meaning larger areas can be treated in far less time,” explains Goff. Indeed, the brand’s in-house testing has revealed genuinely astonishing improvements to elasticity in areas such as the arms, neck and knees.

So, how exactly does it work? As reconstructive surgeon and brand collaborator Dr Graeme Glass explains, the technology works on a principle called photobiomodulation. “Tiny energy generators within human cells absorb near infrared laser light, converting light energy to the chemical energy used by all living tissue. This high energy state causes genes associated with tissue repair and regeneration to be switched on while at the same time genes associated with tissue breakdown and aging are switched off.”

The brand claims multifaceted benefits as a result, namely surrounding skin tightening, the brightening of pigmentation, eradication of blemishes and even plumping wrinkles. Indeed, studies have shown promising results, particularly around skin elasticity, with improvements of 103 per cent measured after 30 days of consistent use.

The major aim here is to offer an alternative to injectables and tweakments. While the popularity of these procedures is on the rise – the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPs) revealed that demand for tweakments rose by 124 per cent when last measured in 2022 – there’s also indications that many would opt for an alternative, should one be brought to market A survey of 2000 people conducted by Lyma found that 80 per cent would prefer to ‘age naturally without the use of cosmetic procedures’.

But now, a slight sting: the new Laser Pro costs £4995, placing it far beyond any other at-home device currently on the market. Does Goff think she’ll see sales success beyond the professional realm? “I’m absolutely sure of it. If you’re the person who lusts after toned Pilates arms, firm thighs and a smooth, cellulite-free derriere and you workout tirelessly to get them, you will love the Laser Pro because not only does it sculpt the skin but it improves muscle tone, disperses cellulite and visibly smoothes the skin anywhere on the body that you use it,” she says.

So it seems, this new, supercharged laser may just find itself a cult following all of its own. With benefits as far-reaching as plumping wrinkles and increasing elasticity, many may well be tempted away from the needle. And of course, for some the biggest benefit of all will be the fact that all this is achievable with absolutely no pain (apart from that price tag, perhaps).

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