Luton Town 1-1 Liverpool: What Edwards said

Luton Town manager Rob Edwards to BBC Sport: "I'm really proud of the whole football club today. It was a big day for us against a big club. We showed a lot of quality in the game.

"I think so [their best 90-minute performance]. It shows you have to for 98 or 99 minutes to get something. I was pleased with our counter-attacking.

"We kept Liverpool thinking there's something to think about here and the goal was the best example of that.

"The players have improved. There were elements of our game a team like this would have exposed.

"Belief. We're going around things the right way. We have a lot of injuries. There are five players who could have started.

"I thought Ross was excellent, Andros too. A lot of the counter-attacking moments came from Ross. He is able to get away and find the space. The goal was the best example of that."