Lucy Letby supporters launch defence fund appeal for child killer nurse

A court sketch of Lucy Letby, centre  (PA Wire)
A court sketch of Lucy Letby, centre (PA Wire)

Supporters of serial killer Lucy Letby have launched an appeal to fund her defence calling the nurse’s trial the “greatest miscarriage of justice that the UK has ever witnessed”.

Letby, who was sentenced to a whole life order for the murder of seven babies and attempted murder of six others, has the right to appeal her life term but her lawyers have so far not indicated they will.

Despite this, a campaign calling itself Science on Trial is putting forward arguments questioning expert witness accounts and forensic evidence believing the killer nurse did not get a fair trial.

Its founder Sarrita Adams, a scientific consultant for biotech start-ups in California, says she has a PhD in biochemistry from Cambridge University, but, according to her LinkedIn profile, she appears not to have worked as a scientist since then.

“Through fundraising, researching, and legal assistance, we aim to ensure that Lucy Letby can have a fair trial where scientific evidence is reliable,” her website states.

“We are currently working to form a group of scientists, lawyers, and activists to aid in the upcoming appeal for Lucy Letby.

“We believe that Lucy’s defence was not adequate, that there is more to this case which was not heard in court, which deserved to be heard, and that everyone deserves a fair trial. That is why we have come together to fight for the science to be brought to trial.”

The arrest of Lucy Letby (Cheshire Constabulary/PA) (PA Media)
The arrest of Lucy Letby (Cheshire Constabulary/PA) (PA Media)

Donations to the American website are not currently open but there are options to join the cause with a donation link saying “coming soon”.

Ms Adams uses the site to criticise the reliability of the prosecution’s evidence that high insulin levels detected in two babies showed they were deliberately injected.

However, Letby’s legal team did not challenge the fact babies were injected with insulin, instead denying it was her that administered the fatal injections.

It comes as Letby faces being stripped of her NHS pension after being convicted of the “sadistic” murders.

It is understood the Government is looking at ways to prevent the benefit being paid to Britain’s worst child killer.

Letby refused to leave her cell for sentencing on Monday, where the parents of her newborn victims described the horrifying impact the crimes had on their families.