Horrifying moment wrestler breaks neck in stunt gone wrong

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

Fans were left in shock as Mexican wrestler La Parka suffered a horrific injury and was left unconscious when a dive outside the ring went horribly wrong.

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide is a high-octane wrestling format and wrestler La Parka suffered a serious injury when he attempted to tackle an opponent.

Reports suggest the wrestler’s leg became tangled when he dived from inside the ring to tackle an opponent.

This resulted in La Parka hitting his head on the protective barrier and lying motionless on the floor.

The Mexican wrestler from AAA known as La Parka suffered a serious injury during a match when he dived out and hit the barrier. (Image: Twitter)

Local media report he was knocked unconscious and taken to a hospital where he is being monitored.

Reports also claim La Parka broke his neck in the incident, but the severity of the injury is unclear.

Video of the incident shows immediate concern for the injured wrestler after hitting his head.

The staff immediately called for assistance as fans showed their concern at the horrible accident.

La Parka is one of the most famous personas in Mexican wrestling.