If You Love Pickles, There's One Kitchen Tool You Must Own

Green pickles in jars
Green pickles in jars - Lazhko Svetlana/Shutterstock

Should you have more than one jar of pickles in your fridge at any given moment, chances are that you're probably quite the pickle fan. Whether you enjoy tart cornichons, juicy dill pickles, or sweet gherkins, we can all agree that fishing pickles out of the jar isn't always the easiest of tasks. Luckily, there's a gadget that can make the process much simpler — the pickle pincher.

The pickle pincher, also known as the pickle picker or grabber, is a nifty kitchen gadget designed to effortlessly pluck the briny delights from their jar. No matter the size of the pickle, or the jar, the tool is more than up to the task. Different from a standard fork, the long and lean tool has features like a spring-loaded gripper and thin, claw-like metal prongs that help grab pickles with ease, ensuring the gherkin remains intact. It also makes for a mess-free solution as pickles can be removed from the jar without spilling any brine.

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Selecting The Best Pickle Pincher For Your Needs

Pickle Pincher tool
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Depending on who you ask, the pickle pincher may not necessarily fall into the category of essential kitchen tools. However, if you frequently enjoy pickles — but also briny olives, cocktail onions, or pickled beets — then the tool is well worth investing in. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for certain characteristics.

A good quality pickle pincher should have a tall and slender handle to fit into any sized jar, reaching the bottom without difficulty. Likewise, the prongs should be sharp and sturdy to grip both small and large pickles so as not to cause much destruction to their exterior. As for materials, stay away from reactive metals that may tarnish with repeated exposure to acidic brine. We recommend opting for pinchers that are a combination of a plastic handle and stainless steel prongs or entirely stainless steel.

Niche as the tool may seem, pickle pinchers are actually available at any kitchen supply store. You can also find them on various online platforms. Thankfully, even the fanciest of pickle pickers usually won't exceed the $10 mark. So try purchasing one for yourself and see how effective the tool really is.

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