“Love Is Blind”'s Jeramey and Sarah Ann Confirm They're Dating and Living Together as Laura Calls Them 'Disgusting'

After the couple confirmed their romance on Wednesday's season 6 reunion, Laura Dadisman slammed Sarah Ann Bick for not being "a girl's girl" and pursuing Jeramey Lutinski despite her warnings

<p>Greg Gayne/Netflix; Adam Rose/Netflix</p> From left: Sarah Ann Bick, Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman from

Greg Gayne/Netflix; Adam Rose/Netflix

From left: Sarah Ann Bick, Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman from 'Love Is Blind'

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season 6 reunion of Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind's Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick found love after the pods!

The couple confirmed during Wednesday's season 6 reunion that they started dating shortly after Jeramey split from his fiancée Laura Dadisman. The duo said they've been dating for almost a year and are now living together in North Carolina.

"I fell in love with Jeramey as a person and we've had a strong connection since the beginning of this experiment," Sarah Ann, 30, said at the reunion, noting that their relationship is "real," and she's "sitting next to someone who I love with all my heart."

"We've had times where we've contemplated separating from each other, we've had times where we had to make up in order to make that happen. And at the end of it, we ended up moving in together in October," Jeramey, 32, added. "We did realize fighting through things continuously that we do love each other... not everything's been perfect, but we're still fighting for that every single day."

During season 6, Jeramey was torn between Sarah Ann and Laura, 34, in the pods, before ultimately proposing to Laura. Once Sarah Ann got home, fans learned that she sent Jeramey an Instagram message that read, in part: "If there's ever a chance your mind is shifting in your choice, I would love the opportunity to meet you, regardless of whatever way you go."

Jeramey ended up telling Laura about the message, though he claimed he never responded and only "liked"' it to acknowledge he saw it. However, days later, Jeramey went out to the bars with friends and ran into Sarah Ann. They ended up chatting all night and stayed out until 5 a.m., with Jeramey even dropping her off at her house before returning home to Laura.

Laura grew suspicious when her fiancé didn't come home at a reasonable hour or answer her messages. And while Jeramey insisted the next morning that he shared his location with her in good faith, she snapped when he lied about his whereabouts, which she had been tracking anyways and noticed they lined up with where Sarah Ann lives. Laura and Jeramey later called off their engagement at the cast's lake day outing and Jeramey rode off on jet skis with Sarah Ann.

<p>Netflix</p> From left: Sarah Ann Bick, Jeramey Lutinski, and Jessica Vestal in the season 6 reunion of 'Love Is Blind'


From left: Sarah Ann Bick, Jeramey Lutinski, and Jessica Vestal in the season 6 reunion of 'Love Is Blind'

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During Wednesday's reunion, Sarah Ann insisted she and Jeramey never kissed that night despite being out late together. Jeramey also claimed he "didn't have anything to hide" while explaining why he lied about his location to Laura.

"Nothing inappropriate happened," he explained. "I didn't intentionally lie about that. I did share my location, I just didn't have anything to hide."

Laura, who could not attend the reunion due to work obligations but called in via Zoom, claimed Jeramey never told her he was with Sarah Ann and likely wouldn't have disclosed that information if she didn't push the topic.

"I should've been on the front porch, waiting for your ass at 6 a.m.," she said, before calling her ex-fiancé "a clown" for failing to take "accountability" and apologize for his "sketchy" actions.

This prompted Sarah Ann to defend her boyfriend and get into a heated exchange with Laura, calling her a "pick-me girl" and accuse her of talking "s---" about her in the pods.

Laura then slammed her for not being "a girl's girl," and later said, "I don't care about what they did until 5 a.m., I think they're both disgusting."

<p>Netflix</p> Laura Dadisman calling in via Zoom to the season 6 reunion of 'Love Is Blind'


Laura Dadisman calling in via Zoom to the season 6 reunion of 'Love Is Blind'

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Laura was also baffled by Sarah Ann's move to pursue Jeramey, especially after never-before-seen footage of the two chatting at the lake outing was shown. In that scene, Sarah Ann apologized for messaging Jeramey and Laura warned her against pursuing him because he "likes attention."

Costars Amber Desiree "AD" Smith and Jessica Vestal weighed in on the apology at the reunion, with AD noting Sarah Ann's apology was "null and void... [because] you still pursued him, you still went after him." Jess insisted the couple should've handled things "more respectfully and simply just show some consideration."

Chelsea Blackwell also wasn't thrilled with Sarah Ann and Jeramey's actions and revealed "every time I see him, they're broken up." She also called out Sarah Ann for allegedly unfollowing all of the women on Love Is Blind, but following their fiancés.

Sarah Ann confirmed she does not "talk to any of the women" and attempted to defend herself by noting that they cut her out of their group chat and were two-faced when it came to interacting with her.

Jeramey also noted that while he and Sarah Ann have previously broken up and gone through "real-life relationship stuff" and their fair share of "ons and offs," they are fully committed to fighting for their relationship.

<p>Greg Gayne/Netflix</p> Love Is Blind's Jeramey and Sarah Ann at the 'Love Is Blind' reunion

Greg Gayne/Netflix

Love Is Blind's Jeramey and Sarah Ann at the 'Love Is Blind' reunion

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At Wednesday's reunion, Jeramey also addressed the rumors that he was engaged before the show.

"It's not true," he said of lying about having a fiancée. "Yes, I was previously engaged. Everyone I dated was well-aware of that... I sold my house, and I did go ahead and apply after I was out on my own, doing my own thing. Got approached to do it and decided to move forward."

Laura and Sarah Ann both confirmed Jeramey's story was true and that he did disclose in the pods — and afterwards — that he was previously engaged.

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