“Love Is Blind”'s Amy reveals Johnny 'never got a vasectomy' and she 'never went on birth control'

All those conversations about birth control were for nothing?!

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Love Is Blind season 6 finale.

All those conversations spent worrying about birth control didn't matter in the end for Love Is Blind season 6 couple Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés. Not only were they the only couple to get married this season, but it turns out that, despite their many discussions about contraception options, they consummated their marriage au naturale.

<p>Greg Gayne/Netflix</p>

Greg Gayne/Netflix

"At the end of the day, long story short, he never got a vasectomy, I never went on birth control," Amy tells EW. "We went into it the most natural possible way. I feel like a lot of people misinterpreted Johnny pressuring me, and that was never the case, ever. I have a condition which has kind of impacted that decision as well. We were just very open-minded and wanting to learn, and it was one of those things that we both learned in the process, and it was a beautiful thing because we both came together to get to the decision that we did."

Almost a year into their marriage, they still don't want to have any unplanned — or planned — pregnancies. "Not in the plan for now," Amy says with a laugh. "We've done a good amount in these past 10 months. We actually ended up moving in together a couple months after filming."

"I think the biggest thing right now is over the past year, we had so much fun just getting to know each other and growing as a couple," Johnny adds. "It's such a quick turnaround from you meet, then all of a sudden you're engaged, all of a sudden you're married. Getting a little bit of time to slow down over the past 10 months, it's been so nice to getting to know Amy, getting to build a relationship, and I think we still want to do that for the next year, two years, three years, and travel and explore and check things off our 'Before Kids' bucket list, and then when the time's right, actually welcome kids into the world and be able to provide and support them the way they need to be."

They've also loved finally being able to travel, visit each other's extended family, celebrate holidays, and spend time on their own without cameras following them.

"We've enjoyed living in our bubble, as I call it, the past few months, and so we just want to keep exploring and learning about one another and having fun around the world," Amy says. "But hopefully maybe within four or five years there'll be a baby Johnny and Amy McIntyre. We'll see. We definitely want to have a family, but we just want to make sure that we savor our relationship now, because it was already an expedited process, and I'm very grateful for it because it brought me my soulmate, but definitely want to make sure that we take baby steps into actually having babies."

The Love Is Blind season 6 reunion is now streaming on Netflix.

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