“Love Is Blind”'s AD Reveals She Went on 2 Dates with Matthew After He Told Her and Amber Same Thing in Pods

Despite their brief rekindling, AD said during the season 6 reunion that she and Matthew realized they "live completely two different lifestyles" and want "different things" out of a relationship

<p>Adam Rose/Netflix</p> AD Smith (left) and Matthew Duliba from

Adam Rose/Netflix

AD Smith (left) and Matthew Duliba from 'Love Is Blind' season 6

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season 6 reunion of Love Is Blind.

After Clay Gravesande said “I don’t” at the altar in the season 6 finale, Amber Desiree “AD” Smith briefly reconnected with her other connection in the Love Is Blind pods, Matthew Duliba.

During Love Is Blind: The Reunion — which aired on Netflix Wednesday — AD, 33, revealed that she and Matthew, 37, went on two dates after filming, despite the drama that unfolded on the show with him telling her and Amber Grant the same things in the pods.

"Matthew and I, we went on a few dates. Like two-ish," she said. "The first one he wanted to apologize to me. He was heartbroken; he was very, very upset about the way everything played out and the way he felt like he played in both of our faces."

AD said she found Matthew to be "kinda cute" during that first date, and revealed that on their second date, "he ended up cooking me dinner" of rice and chicken.

<p>Courtesy of Netflix</p> Matthew on 'Love is Blind'.

Courtesy of Netflix

Matthew on 'Love is Blind'.

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Ultimately though, AD said things fizzled out. "We live completely two different lifestyles," she explained. "He's very disciplined... he's extremely to the clock, every minute is planned out whereas I'm kinda with the wind a little bit, and he just wants different things and so do I, and we just left it right there."

Clay was then asked about his reaction to their brief rekindling, saying he had no hard feelings for Matthew. "At the end of the day, it's an experiment and Matt did it the way he did it. I'm not hear to kick Matt's back, he's not here... I respected Matt and have nothing disrespectful to say."

AD also clarified that her emotions in the pods weren't centered on the fact Matthew told her the same thing as Amber, but rather how he dismissed the importance of her personal story.

"I had shared something so intimate with my father passing... So when [Amber] comes in and has the same story, as far as the dad thing, that's what really rocked me because I was like, my story is obsolete then," she said.

<p>Netflix</p> Clay and AD at the 'Love Is Blind' season 6 reunion


Clay and AD at the 'Love Is Blind' season 6 reunion

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The first few episodes of season 6 took a shocking turn when it was revealed that Matthew - who told AD he was ready to leave with her and wanted to ask her dad for permission to marry her - was telling the same things to Amber.

When his actions were revealed, both Amber and Matthew left the show, while AD went on to pursue her connection with Clay. Despite their own ups and downs, Clay, 31, and AD got engaged, but ultimately did not get married.

After the drama with Matthew unfolded, Amber spoke to PEOPLE and said that she had since spoken with him and there was no bad blood.

“I did have a few conversations with Matthew," she said. "It went well. Matthew's got a very interesting way of getting his point across. And so, I didn't push, I didn't pull anything out of him. He said what he wanted to say, and we had our conversation, and we moved on."

Matthew also spoke out after the first six episodes aired, replying to a Love Is Blind Instagram post: “Key element of my story that was never disclosed is that I live an alcohol free lifestyle and did the experiment sober,” he wrote. “It was a key factor in why I had so much difficulty connecting with women in the beginning. There was also many misrepresentations and falsehoods created in my opinion to smear my character. I look forward to telling my side of the story with the full truth at the appropriate time.”

Though he intended to share his truth at a later date, Matthew declined the invitation to attend Wednesday's reunion.

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