A lot to like about Group E - Analysis

Amy Canavan, BBC Sport Scotland

That group, appears, not all bad.

The group of death, Group F, has been avoided. Until Newcastle United's name was pulled out, it seemed nearly inevitable Celtic would be joining PSG, Borussia Dortmund and AC Milan. A lucky escape there.

Not only that, a few decent trips are on the cards, too. And let's be honest, that plays a huge part in it.

Many fans won't ever remember facing Feyenoord, and those that do have waited a helluva time for a taste of revenge for the 1970 European Cup final.

A hop across to Madrid again, to face Simeone's side this season at the Metropolitano, will no don't be a adventure many will have their eyes on.

And in recent times, Olivier Ntcham's winner in the Stadio Olimpico is one of the better nights Celtic fans have had on the continent.

There's a lot to like about the group for fans. The players now just need to deliver the performances to match the excitement. No pressure.