You’ll want to recreate this Jennifer Lopez makeup look once you see her mega overlined lips

You’ll want to recreate this Jennifer Lopez makeup look once you see her mega overlined lips

As I'm sure we're all aware, in recent years, overlined lips have had a renaissance worthy of the Tate with colour combinations, hydrating formulas and natural-looking techniques, that ofc, rival those of the past (read: 2015 duck lips). And while I'm sure an influencer-led TikTok tip is at your very disposal, today, we're all for Jennifer Lopez's pout – I mean, it's JLo for goodness sake!

In a recent Instagram post shared by her longtime makeup artist Mary Phillips, Jennifer's glossy overlined lips can be seen in all their pouty glory. Not to mention the micro kitten flicked liner, flushed cheek and highlighted 'brow bone – it really do be poppin'.

Scroll to the third slide in the carousel post below to see all that we're gushing over.

Stunning, right? Well, if you, too, want to recreate this subtle yet effective overlined lip look, then you're in luck because last year, Mary shared her secret technique to perfecting a voluptuous pout.

In a TikTok tutorial, Mary walked us through her step-by-step lip routine, first, introducing us to her initial point of call. "I like to begin in the corners of my mouth and I start right outside the natural lip line", she explains. "But this is where I stay the closest to the actual lip line.

"And just extend [the lip line] slightly at the very top and at the very bottom of the lower lip", she says while working around the borders of her pout. My favourite lip liner to use at the mo' and one I would highly recommend is the Haus Labs Le Monster Lip Crayon Vegan Lipstick and Lip Liner. While it may be chunky, the pointed tip and creamy formula make for super easy application. Plus, they last all day – winning!

Continuing, Mary recommends enhancing "the cupid's bow following the natural shape of the upper lip" by bringing it up a "little bit higher", followed by a touch of concealer to clean up the edges. "I take a soft brush and just smooth it out so that there's no really hard line visible. Then I take a little bit of concealer on a concealer brush and just make sure everything is nice and clean", she says.

Top with your go-to lip gloss, oil, stick (etcetera etcetera) for that extra va va voom. Et voilà! JLo, we're coming for ya look... mwah!

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