Livingston 0-3 Celtic: What Kennedy said

"It was sticky at times but we stayed calm," Celtic assistant manager John Kennedy told BBC Scotland. "We eventually broke them down and got our goals from that.

"Very professional performance. That's part of Livingston's game plan to do that [slow play down]. I think the officials could do more to speed things up. It's about entertainment. But we got the goals and the win and that's what matters.

"The fans want us to play in a certain manner. You see when we're in full flow, the atmosphere they bring and the boost that gives the players."

On the build-up to next week's Old Firm, he adds: "It's probably the calmest place in Scotland, inside our training ground. The reality is we just have to take each game as it comes.

"We need to prepare properly. If you get up too early in the week and let the emotions get up, that's draining."