'Livi have a chequered past with investors'

Stuart Barrie, Livingston supporter

Rumours are circulating in the press about American investment coming into Livingston. The club have been vocal about the need for a cash injection so I guess it’s required.

I’m hesitant to welcome in new investors though. We’ve been here before and we’re not exactly a cash cow for hedge-fund managers. We’re quite the opposite and have been a black hole for cash for many previously.

The delay to this proposed investment is down to a couple of court cases waiting to be resolved, again we’ve been here before. Livi have a chequered past with investors. Some have worked well, lots haven’t, and we’ve had owners that didn’t have the best interests of the club at heart.

On one hand maybe these new investors see something in us that they can get on board with. I just hope we’re not seen as an investment that needs to bring in the bucks straight away. Maybe we’ll get our own film stars that will take Livi to the next level like Wrexham. That’s probably a little too Hollywood for us.

Perhaps I’m too sceptical about this whole thing but I am not sure how this movie ends.

There’s a couple of blockbuster games ahead for different reasons. If we can come away with points from Dingwall that would be terrific and if we can come away from Ibrox with some big bags of cash that would be more terrific!