Livestream Captures Adorable Newborn Tiger Cub Learning to Walk

Two Sumatran tiger cubs were born at the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee on May 5, zoo officials said.

The zoo announced the birth of the cubs on Friday, May 19, and shared adorable pictures of the tiny tigers on Facebook.

The zoo also announced on Friday that a 24-hour livestream of the cubs’ enclosure would be available so that people can “watch as they grow and learn how to be tigers.”

This footage was livestreamed by the zoo, and shows the moment one of the cubs attempts to walk, only to quickly tumble over.

“We are thrilled to announce the birth of these two Sumatran tiger cubs – a critically endangered species. The symbol of the tiger is synonymous with pride and community here in Memphis, and I have no doubt the city will join us in the celebration of these significant births,” the zoo’s chief zoological officer Courtney Janney said. Credit: Memphis Zoo via Storyful

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