LIVE: US Masters 2013

Of all of Australia's great sporting achievements, victory in the most iconic golf tournament in the world has so far been elusive.

But that could change this morning with three Aussies well in the hunt to win the US Masters at Augusta.

Adam Scott and Jason Day are both in contention.

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Adam Scott. Photo: AFP

9:49am Inside Butler Cabin Scott says he doesn't know how to digest his win. Not surprisingly, he describes the moment as "incredible". He speaks of Greg Norman as an inspiration and dedicates part of his victory to the Great White Shark. Scott doesn't look bad in green. It's a fantastic moment for Australian golf.

9:38am AND HE DOES IT! Adam Scott clinches the US Masters draining a great putt. An Australian has finally won what many consider to be golf's greatest tournament after 77 years. Scott holds his arms aloft. Scott quickly receives congratulations from Angel Cabrera and they embrace. It's a life-changer for Scott who has broken through for his first major.

9:36am Cabrera putts and only just misses. Now Adam Scott has a putt to win it. His heart must be beating out of his chest.

9:33am Adam Scott lands inside Cabrera and it's another putting competition. For Nick Faldo, Scott is facing an easier putt. Cabrera has ice running through his veins and even has time to turn around and give Adam Scott the thumbs up for a great shot. No wonder everybody loves Cabrera.

9:31am Angel Cabrera will hit first and he's not happy. But he could be in far worse shape. He's safely on the green.

9:27am Adam Scott nails his drive down the 10th. A confident shot. He gets the sling off the hill and is in a good spot. Again, Cabrera wastes no time and follows him, punching his iron down towards the green.

9:24am Scott makes it. Now Cabrera's turn. He does the same and they head for the 10th.

9:23am Job done. Adam Scott gets close enough and barring calamity, we'll be heading for another play-off hole. Scott faces a dead straight putt.

9:22am Oh my! Cabrera nearly holes it. Now it's up to Adam Scott to get down in two.

9:21am According to Faldo, both players are now facing a simple chip. They will just want to get it close.

9:20am Cabrera's turn. An he hates it! He's ended up right next to Adam Scott. He's further from the hole though and will be hitting first. They walk down the 18th and crowd is in raptures.

9:19am The rain is falling. Adam Scott has a shot here to pile the pressure on Cabrera. If he puts it on the green, he could be one shot away from glory. He swings but comes up just short. It's not disaster but he'll need to get up and down to make par.

9:14am So Adam Scott has the advantage with the first tee shot. He swings, the crowd loves it and he has absolutely nailed it. And what do you know? Angel Cabrera wastes no time and joins him in the middle of the fairway.

9:06am Angel Cabrera is known as a ruthless finisher and has an impressive record in this tournament. He faces off against Australian Adam Scott in the 16th playoff in Masters history. Australia hasn't had a major winner since Geoff Ogilvy in the US Open in 2006.

We know how close Greg Norman has come in the past and it would be a huge disappointment to see Scott come off second best. On the other side of the equation, Cabrera is in the twilight of his career and it would be nice to see the well-liked player put on another green jacket with his son as caddy.

8:59am Here we go. It's Cabrera staring down a short putt to stay in the Masters and head to a play-off with Adam Scott. And he does it.


-9: Adam Scott (AUS) (18), Angel Cabrera (ARG) (18)
-7: Jason Day (AUS) (18)
-5: Woods (AUS) (18) Marc Leishman (AUS) (18)
-4: Snedeker (USA) (18), Olesen (DEN) (18)

8:56am Is Australia destined to never win a Masters? Cabrera nails his approach to the 18th and puts himself just feet away. Looks like it's a play-off.

8:52am Marc Leishman is finishing well with a nice play out of the bunker but it's all about Adam Scott. If he sinks this putt, he will either win and end Australia's drought or guarantee himself a spot in a playoff. The golfing gods are watching. AND HE MAKES IT! Adam Scott. UNBELIEVABLE! Nick Faldo is lip reading - Adam Scott exclaims: "C'mon Aussie!" Not long ago Adam Scott handed back a lead in a major, and now he's sunk a clutch putt to put himself in the box seat to claim the Masters. What will Cabrera do?

8:48am Adam Scott hits a fine approach into the last and will face a birdie putt to guarantee himself a spot in a play-off. The crowd stands in appreciation.

8:45am Day narrowly misses his birdie attempt. He finishes his tournament at 7 under. He needs both Scott and Cabrera to bogey to make a play-off.


-8: Adam Scott (AUS) (17), Angel Cabrera (ARG) (17)
-7: Jason Day (AUS) (18)
-5: Brandt Snedeker (17) Marc Leishman (AUS) (17)

8:42am Here we go, Cabrera, always calm, stands over his putt. This is for the lead. And he just MISSES. It nearly brushes the cup but doesn't turn enough to drop. So, Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera will both start the 18th tied at 8 under. Scott, in the group ahead, is already safely on the fairway and needs a good approach. We could be heading for a play-off.

8:37am Cabrera hits a wonderful approach into the 17th and will be left with a birdie putt to take the outright lead at 9 under. Scott may need a birdie on the last to stay in it. Cabrera, the journeyman, doesn't contend often, but when he does, he's ruthless.

8:34am Adam Scott walks safely off the 17th with a par. Not a bad result. Next, Cabrera will get his chance to put himself into the lead if he can put himself safely on the 17th.


-8: Adam Scott (AUS) (17), Angel Cabrera (ARG) (16)
-7: Jason Day (AUS) (17)
-5: Brandt Snedeker (16) Marc Leishman (AUS) (16)

8:28am In a disaster for Day, he misses his part putt on the 17th and moves back to 7 under. Scott and Cabrera now share the lead with Scott waiting to make his approach.


-8: Adam Scott (AUS) (16), Angel Cabrera (ARG) (16)
-7: Jason Day (AUS) (17)
-5: Brandt Snedeker (16) Marc Leishman (AUS) (16)

8:24am: Cabrera stalks the green, looking for the best line. If he makes this, he'll move into a share of the lead and with Jason Day left with a difficult par putt on the 17th, this could be massive. He gives it a huge run and sinks it! It smacks the back of the cup and it looks like it could be Scott and Cabrera to fight it out. Jason Day must make par.


-8: Jason Day (AUS) (16), Adam Scott (AUS) (16), Angel Cabrera (ARG) (16)
-5: Brandt Snedeker (16) Marc Leishman (AUS) (16)

8:22am: Adam Scott is safely down the fairway on the 17th. Cabrera has a chance for birdie on the 16th. If he makes that, he'll move into a share of the lead with Day and Scott.

8:20am: Jason Day again takes his time visualising his approach. Unfortunately, he misses the green on the 17th, coming up short. Yesterday he bogeyed the last two holes.

8:18am: Looks like Cabrera will have to settle for par on the par 15th. Just as that happens, Adam Scott narrowly misses his birdie putt on the 16th but par for him looks a safe bet.


-8: Jason Day (AUS) (16), Adam Scott (AUS) (16)
-7: Angel Cabrera (ARG) (15)
-6: Marc Leishman (AUS) (16)

8:11am: Jason Day has bogeyed 16 - joining Adam Scott at the top of the leaderboard. Scott's tee shot on 16 is in the middle of the green. Long putt - looking at par.


-8: Jason Day (AUS) (16)
-8: Adam Scott (AUS) (15)
-7: Angel Cabrera (ARG) (14)
-6: Marc Leishman (AUS) (15)

8:03am: Adam Scott has missed a chance for eagle on the 15th hole but taps in for a birdie - taking him to -8. Aussies are now in first and second with four holes to go.

7:59am: Jason Day makes birdie on the 15th. He moves to 9 under and he's leading by two shots walking towards the 16th tee.

7:57am: Cabrera edges a birdie attempt close to the hole on the 14th and will take a par. Jason Day's eagle attempt is solid and only a calamity will stop him moving him to 9 under. Yes folks, it's not a dream, An Australian is leading the Masters heading deep into the back nine. As if it couldn't get any better, there's back-up to Jason Day in the form of Adam Scott. He is playing beautifully and the only thing holding him back is his putter.

7:50am: Jason Day stands on the 15th surveying his second shot. And he nails it! He's in the lead and for the moment, is two putts way from moving to 9 under and being in a great position to take out the tournament.


-8: Jason Day (AUS) (14)
-7: Adam Scott (14), Angel Cabrera (13)
-6: Marc Leishman (AUS) (14)
-5: Thorbjorn Oleson (DEN) (18), Brandt Snedeker (USA) (13)

7:48am: Cabrera finishes up on the 13th and moves back to 7 under. That confirms Day is out in front alone, leading the Masters with Adam Scott trailing one shot further back in a tie for second with Cabrera.

7:45am: Just as news comes of Cabrera in the drink on the 13th, Jason Day sinks a birdie on the 14th to take the outright lead.


-8: Angel Cabrera (ARG) (12)
-7: Jason Day (AUS) (13), Adam Scott (13)
-6: Marc Leishman (AUS) (12)
-5: Thorbjorn Oleson (DEN) (18), Brandt Snedeker (USA) (12)

7:41am: In a huge moment, both Snedeker and Cabrera have found the water on the 13th, Day and Scott both just walked off the same hole with a birdie in their pockets.

7:40am: Lesihman makes a five to settle for par after leaving himself an awkward putt. Scott, who narrowly avoided a disaster, makes birdie and moves to 7 under and into a tie for second, just one behind the leader Cabrera.

7:34am: Marc Leishman left with a pitch-and-run down the hill to set up his eagle on the 13th. On the same hole Adam Scott narrowly misses the water after an almost inch perfect approach hits the wrong side of a ridge.

7:30am: Jason Day makes birdie on the 13th and is now within one stroke of the lead.


-8: Angel Cabrera (ARG) (12)
-7: Jason Day (AUS) (13)
-6: Adam Scott (AUS) (12), Marc Leishman (AUS) (12)
-5: Thorbjorn Oleson (DEN) (17), Brandt Snedeker (USA) (12)

7:29am: Cabrera cleans up on the 12th and heads towards the par fives with his two stroke lead intact.

7:24am: Jason Day hits a tremendous bunker shot to leave himself with three feet for a birdie to move with one shot of Cabrera.

7:20am: Join us for our live coverage of the final moments of the US Masters. In a big moment Angel Cabrera holes a part putt on the 11th to stay two ahead of the trio of Aussies at 6 under. Snedeker misses his par putt to fall back to 5 under.


-8: Angel Cabrera (ARG) (11)
-6: Adam Scott (AUS) (12), Jason Day (AUS) (12), Marc Leishman (AUS) (12)
-5: Thorbjorn Oleson (DEN) (17), Brandt Snedeker (USA) (11)