Live from the 2024 MLB Draft Combine + JJ Wetherholt interview & Triple-A challenge system changing

The Baseball Bar-B-Cast crew is on the road for this episode of the podcast, coming to you live from Chase Field in Arizona where Major League Baseball is holding the 2024 edition of the Draft Combine. Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman talk about their experience watching potential draft picks go through drills, the importance of the combine for teams and why there is a need for more attention on this event for baseball.

The guys are then joined by West Virginia baseball’s JJ Wetherholt to talk about his time at the combine. The projected-first-rounder discusses why his brother influenced him to become a lefty hitter, his history at the shortstop position, what he’s taken from the style of baseball played in Korea and how he implemented it into his game and what he’s most looking forward to in becoming a pro-ball player.

Later, Jake & Jordan talk about a major change happening mid-season at the Triple-A level to its replay system and why that system could show up in the majors sooner rather than later.

(0:59) - A word about this special episode

(3:09) - Thoughts from the combine

(10:12) - The importance of being in Arizona

(12:15) - Who is JJ Wetherholt?

(14:13) - JJ Wetherholt interview

(19:42) - JJ on playing shortstop

(28:50) - Impact of Korean baseball on his career

(31:26) - Most excited about pro-baseball

(33:44) - Triple-A changing review system

Jeffrey Camarati-USA TODAY Sports
Jeffrey Camarati-USA TODAY Sports

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