Little boy has brutally honest review of mom’s half marathon

This mom ran a half marathon, but her son was more impressed that she did it without any bathroom emergencies, much to viewers’ amusement.

Few experiences are as humbling as being on the receiving end of a child’s brutal honesty. Just ask TikToker and parent Ashley Desanno (@lotsamiles). The runner and mom-of-two recently shared that her son told his class that he was proud of her for not having any bathroom accidents while running a half marathon, and his congratulatory message has viewers in stitches.

In the clip, Desanno stands in front of a mirror while curling her hair. “My son had to do weekend news,” Desanno says, explaining that sometimes kids are asked to write about their weekends, including what they did and where they went.

“Sometimes there’s a really cute little gem in there that’s like, ‘I ate pizza with my mom,’ and it makes my heart happy,” Desanno conveys before reciting her son’s most recent weekend report.

“You want to know what it said? It said, ‘My mom ran a half marathon. She did very well, for old people. The bigger victory is she did not pee or poop her pants.’ That’s what it said,” Desanno states matter-of-factly, looking directly at the camera before the video comes to a close.

Desanno’s recap had viewers losing it all over TikTok, and many agreed that making it through a half marathon without defecating is victorious.

“Love our kids! My kid told a girl to stop looking in the mirror because it’s not going to change. He told me, ‘Well, you told me to never lie,’” one mom shared.

“The reassurance this series gives me that everyone’s children are equally as feral as mine cannot be overstated,” joked another parent.

“I mean, it would be a victory for me to run a half marathon without the runner’s trots,” one viewer mentioned.

Sometimes, kids write the darndest things.

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