Lisa Vanderpump Shades '2.5% Partners' Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz by Moving Pump into TomTom Without Warning

Pump closed at its original location in July over issues with the landlord

<p>Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty</p> Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz

Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty

Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz

Lisa Vanderpump is still the boss at TomTom and she doesn’t want Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz to forget it.

On Tuesday's episode of Vanderpump Rules, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alumna announced she was relocating her restaurant Pump into the garden area of TomTom, her joint venture with Sandoval and Schwartz.

Pump previously closed in July over issues with the landlord but, since then, has scooched down the street from the original space and into TomTom. The move was apparently not approved by the bar’s namesakes.

“As difficult as it was to lose Pump, we had some staff that we loved and adored for many years, including the chef. So we moved it all to TomTom,” Vanderpump said in interview during the March 12 episode.

TomTom’s Garden Bar was turned into the new Pump location, Vanderpump told PEOPLE last summer. At the time, Vanderpump told TMZ that the Garden Bar space lacked its own identity so Pump’s staff, food and drink menu and aesthetic will all be part of the move.

<p>JP Mangalindan</p> Pump moved into TomTom

JP Mangalindan

Pump moved into TomTom

In this week’s episode, Sandoval’s surprise by the move was clear as he approached his bar and paused at the entrance.

“Oh,” he said hesitantly, staring at a wrought iron gate that read “Pump” on it. “Okay.”

“Is this Pump now?” he asked Vanderpump.

“I left that up there just to ease myself gently,” she replied before discussing the other elements of Pump being incorporated into TomTom.

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The pair sat in the garden while Vanderpump described how the redone Garden Bar would be “much more dining oriented” now that she is moving Pump’s chef Kiko to TomTom.

“It feels a little weird that this happened without either Schwartz and I knowing about it,” the musician said in a confessional.

“I don’t think we would ever consult a 2.5% partner,” Vanderpump quipped with a smirk in her own confessional.

Vanderpump announced that Pump was closing in May. “Another 10-year lease with a huge increase in rent by the landlords, is not something we are ready to commit to,” she confirmed in a statement to PEOPLE at the time. With an uncertain future, the restaurant closed on July 5, which was shown in an earlier episode of this season of the Bravo show.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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