Lili Reinhart Revealed She Was Diagnosed With Alopecia In A New TikTok

You know Lili Reinhart.

A closeup of Lili in a matching pants and blazer set with sheer sleeves
Valerie Macon / AFP via Getty Images

Aside from starring in the series Riverdale, she's been praised for the way she candidly speaks about her mental health and body image online.

And luckily, her admirable candor isn't going away any time soon. In a TikTok posted on Monday, Lili was sitting beneath a red light therapy machine with the text, "Was just diagnosed with alopecia in the middle of a depressive episode."

She also used the viral TikTok sound that says,

She also captioned the video, "Red light therapy is my new best friend #alopecia #mentalhealth".

According to Mayo Clinic, alopecia causes excessive hair loss.  It can affect the scalp or one's entire body, and in some cases, the hair loss can be permanent. It can be caused by many factors, including genetics, stress, hormonal changes, or extremely tight hairstyles. 

Several fans immediately came to her support in the comments, some even saying that they were thankful she was using her platform to raise awareness for alopecia:

thank you for using your platform to bring awareness to this. i have alopecia and my health and depression make it worse. sending love
@lilireinhart /
sending you mad love. As a kid, i had a babysitter whose younger sister was diagnosed and she was so beautiful. She radiated self love and I wound up wanting to wear wigs like her
@lilireinhart /
welcome to the alopecia family! it's not that bad but i get the frustration
@lilireinhart /
my hair is falling out from PCOS so i cannot fully relate but it's still not a good time, ugh sending love
@lilireinhart /
i have androgenic alopecia and tbh i'm gods strongest soldier bc of it
@lilireinhart /

While some even shared their own treatments for the condition:

welcome to the club, minoxidil, rosemary hair oiling, and scalp massages (and the injections from the derm sparingly) sending you love
@lilireinhart /
alopecia is hard. i wear a topper because of mine
@lilireinhart /
me in college thank you steroid shots
@lilireinhart /
i started meds for hair loss a few months ago, it's rough out here
@lilireinhart /

Sending love, Lili!

Watch her full TikTok here.