Libra Daily Horoscope – 02 September 2023

Today I wanted to do something different – I chose a card for each star sign from my new Moonology Messages oracle card deck which hasn’t been released yet but is already a best-seller! Find out how to get the cards and some great bonuses here!

Before you read futher, take a breath and bring your most pressing issue to mind, or set what question pops us, or just ask the Universe for life guidance… and now read on …

Your card is… GO FOR IT!

Some things are just meant to be, and that seems as though it might apply to whatever you’re asking here. That doesn’t mean you can just sit around doing very little or nothing and expect everything to fall into your lap. We’re all constantly creating our lives, so you need to do whatever is necessary to steer this situation in the direction in which you want it to go. But move forward in the knowledge that you’re on the right track, or this card wouldn’t have come up. This situation has ‘meant to be’ written all over it. Trust that and go with it. What’s happening is good and right for you and your soul’s development at this point, so keep moving forward toward whatever you want. Tuning into the lunar cycle can only help, so go for it during the waxing cycle (New Moon to Full) and release your grip and attachment during the waning cycle (Full Moon to New).

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