Let’s discuss the Lovers Tarot Card

the tarot card the lovers, showing three lips stacked on top of each other
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Love and romance?! Who doesn’t love talking about matters of the heart, especially if you’re getting a tarot reading? Let’s be real, love is one of the main reasons people pull tarot cards or indulge in a little divination! Yes, the Lovers card is all about relationships, but it’s also about so much more than that, because this card represents our choices. Who are you right now in this very moment, and what do you believe in? What are you aligning yourself and your energy with right now? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to focus your energy on this endeavour? Take all of this into account as you consider the possibilities that lie before you.

When it shows up in a tarot reading, the Lovers card is a cosmic sign to get to know yourself more intimately. Raise the caliber of your expectations before proceeding further with any commitments. Don’t psych yourself out by overthinking the options, because there really is no “bad” decision or “wrong” move right now. It’s more like if you commit to THIS, then you forgo THAT — and that’s totally okay, as long as whatever you decide feels right. Know your worth, bb, and don’t settle for anything less!

The Lovers keywords

Love, relationships, commitments, partnerships, decisions, choices, values, balance, romance, unity, harmony.

The Lovers Upright meaning

The foundation of every good relationship (lovers, friends, and even business partners) is open and honest communication. In order to keep everything balanced and harmonious, you must be able to express yourself to the other person, be heard and understood, and then take the time to listen to the other party. I mean, if we don’t have that majorly important element in a relationship, then what are we doing here?

Don’t hold back from communicating how you feel. Personal connections are far more satisfying when there is a deep level of trust, respect, and understanding that comes from total honesty and raw vulnerability. This is how we achieve true intimacy!

The Lovers Reversed meaning

What is feeling out of alignment and imbalanced? Have you been spending too much time at work, leaving you with little energy to give to your personal life? Are you so enamoured with your new boo that you’ve neglected your bestie? Or maybe you’ve been denying your own needs in an attempt to benefit someone else? Whatever it is, it’s NOT working. Let’s give this situation a good once-over. Notice what you’ve been sacrificing or not seeing, and take some accountability for your part. We all make mistakes, and this is your opportunity to face the consequences of your actions, recalibrate the energy, and make things right. Remember that a sincere apology can do wonders.

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