Leslie Jones Unleashes Fiery Take On Who's To Blame For The Current State Of The U.S.

Comedian Leslie Jones was dead serious when she was asked who deserves the blame for the current state of America — and she didn’t pull any punches.

Jones was atEssence’s Black Women in Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday when HuffPost asked the former “SNL” cast member her thoughts on the U.S. and where it’s heading.

“The current state of the country is our fault because we’re not involved,” Jones said. “We’re so uninterested in what democracy is. We’re so uninterested in what’s going on.”

“We’re more interested in a Beyoncé or a Taylor Swift concert or Reesa Teesa on TikTok than to be worrying about if women have rights, if Blacks are going to keep their rights, if women are going to be able to continue to vote,” she continued.

As a result of all this, Jones fears the country is “going backward and we’re uninterested,” adding that “it’s very sad” but “the state of the world is our fault.”

You can see Jones’ response below.