Legiit Unveils Version 3.0, Signaling A Major Step Away from The Traditional Freelance Marketplace Model

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Myrtle Beach, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina -

Legiit 3.0
Legiit 3.0

“Legiit 3.0 has been years in the marking,” said CEO Chris M. Walker during the live stream, unveiling what many in the freelancing community believe is an evolutionary step for the platform. What started as a freelance platform for everyone from SEOs to writers, link builders, and designers now encompass every aspect of business management and related services. The CEO proudly states that it is a step that will help both businesses and freelancers alike by offering an all-in-one platform that companies can use to run various aspects of their business.

It also allows freelancers to grow and expand their services, essentially becoming agencies or businesses—something no other platform currently offers.

Since Legiit’s launch in 2018, the freelance platform has grown tremendously. Legiit saw an uptick in freelancers, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing worldwide shutdowns. However, just about every freelancing platform experienced that uptick. The difference was that, unlike so many other platforms, Legiit was and continues to be easy and free to join for anyone who wants to sell a service. “As long as the service isn’t on our naughty list, we will allow it,” said CEO Chris M. Walker.

Legiit 3.0, according to the Company, is about making it easier for businesses of all sizes to automate and outsource tasks for which they would otherwise need to hire in-house. In addition, the new platform is now integrated with Zapier, Google Analytics, Legiit Leads, and Audiit. Co, amongst other tools. All of which makes automating various aspects of a business much easier while ensuring that the data gleaned is more reliable.

Legiit 3.0 also allows business owners and individuals to receive the training they need via Legiit courses. The courses cover various topics, from web design using Canva to SEO and everything in between. In other words, people can now take advantage of everything they need on a single platform. According to the Company, this has never been done before and is unique to Legiit.

Readers can find out more and experience Legiit 3.0 by visiting www.legiit.com.

“I have always had the vision for Legiit 3.0. However, a marketplace needs to evolve; we needed enough active users and people who would be interested in growing their business via the platform. Plus, I believe in taking baby steps, ensuring that everything works as it should, instead of leaping in only having to mop up bugs and other issues later on. Legiit 3.0 is everything I envisioned the platform to be when I first went live with Legiit a few years back,” said CEO Chris M. Walker.

He added, “This is an excellent opportunity for both businesses looking to automate their processes, agencies that want to find fresh blood, and freelancers looking for work. Legiit 3.0 neatly integrates everything into one package with additional Legiit branded tools. This is unlike any other marketplace; that’s why I will no longer refer to it as a marketplace; it is a business management platform.”

The launch of Legiit 3.0 was streamed live, with cash prizes of up to $1000 and later $500 were announced. In addition, Chris also walked people through the platform and talked about his vision for Legiit.

Legiit is one of the fastest-growing business management platforms in the world. The Company’s active Facebook community, with hundreds of freelancers and business owners, is another feature that helps it stand out from other platforms that hide the identities of business owners and freelancers on the platform. “Legiit believes in transparency and trust,” said Chris M Walker.

About Legiit

Legiit launched in 2018 and is considered one of the newer freelance marketplaces. However, it is one of the fastest-growing and, with Legiit 3.0, one of the fastest evolving service-based marketplaces today. The platform is best known for offering a comprehensive solution for business owners and freelancers alike. It includes services and courses that allow business owners and agency owners to learn new skills or hire experts that have mastered them. Plus, the platform’s relatively low commission means freelancers keep more of their money. Legiit Monday allows freelancers to promote their services for free on the platform’s Facebook page. A unique feature offered by no other platform.


For more information about Legiit, contact the company here:

Chris Walker, CEO
1 843 957 6057
2411 N. Oak Street 105 E, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, USA

CONTACT: Chris Walker, CEO

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