After 11 Years, K-Pop Girl Group SISTAR19 Has Reunited. Here’s What They Had To Say About Their New Single

If you've been in the K-pop scene for a while, then you know SISTAR. Formed in 2010, the girl group consisted of four members: Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. Dubbed the "queens of summer" by fans, SISTAR won numerous awards, including Song of the Year, Best Female Group, and Best Dance Performance. The group even became one of five Korean artists to have nine or more number-one singles on the Circle Digital Chart, which ranks the 200 most popular singles in South Korea. Throughout its seven-year career, SISTAR made a huge impact on the K-pop industry and solidified itself as one of the greats.

While SISTAR was best known for its quartet act, it debuted a sub-unit, SISTAR19, consisting only of members Hyolyn and Bora, in 2011. As SISTAR19, the duo landed on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 Charts with their hit song "Ma Boy."

In 2017, SISTAR disbanded, and all four members went on to pursue solo activities. However, their fans, called STAR1, never stopped asking for a reunion.

And now, STAR1 has gotten their wish! After an 11-year hiatus, SISTAR19 has returned with their latest release. And ever since it came out, we've had their single album No More (Ma Boy) playing on repeat.

BuzzFeed sat down with SISTAR19 to chat about No More (Ma Boy), how it feels to reunite after 11 years, and more.

1.SISTAR19! It’s been a long time — we’ve missed you. How are you doing?

bora and hyolyn from sistar19 posing

Bora: I’m doing great and so excited to get back on stage! It’s been a whilefor me personally.

Hyolyn: I feel the same way, and I can’t wait to perform with Bora again!


2.This is the first time in 11 years that you are meeting your fans again as SISTAR19. How does it feel to be reunited with them?

3.Describe your new single album No More (Ma Boy).

4.The title track of your new release, “No More (Ma Boy),” pays homage to your unit’s debut track, “Ma Boy.” What is different about this new track?

5.How have you grown since the release of “Ma Boy”?

6.This new track’s theme is all about confidence — which SISTAR is known for having. What advice would you give to fans who are struggling with finding their confidence?

bora and hyolyn from sistar19 posing

7.On that note, SISTAR has consistently received praise for great performance, which requires a great deal of confidence. Have you ever struggled with feeling confident? How did you overcome it?

bora and hyolyn from sistar19 posing

8.If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that your fans have greatly missed you. How does it feel seeing the huge support from your fans after such a long time?

9.This comeback has been dubbed the “return of the legendary unit.” What are your thoughts on receiving this title, knowing you’ve been labeled “legendary” in the industry?

bora and hyolyn from sistar19 posing

10.Hyolyn, you’ve been working hard on your solo career for the past few years. How does it feel to reunite with your bandmate again?

hyolyn from sistar19 posing

Hyolyn: It feels surreal! I’m happiest when I’m on stage, and it is the closest towho I really am. To now share that time with Bora again, I’m reallythankful for that.


11.Bora, you’ve been working as an actress during the sub-unit’s hiatus. Is there anything you missed about being an idol?

bora from sistar19 posing

Bora: Personally, I always have and always will miss the stage when I’mnot on it. I’ve always told Hyolyn how I wanted to return to the stage andperform, and now here we are!


12.It must be exciting being able to work together after a long break. Was the transition of working together seamless, like no time had passed, or were there any challenges you faced while preparing for this return?

13.The other track on this single album is called “Saucy.” Can you chat more about “Saucy” and the meaning behind this song?

14.With SISTAR’s 15th anniversary happening next year, fans are begging for a full group comeback. Do you think there will be a full SISTAR comeback one day?

15.Are there any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

bora and hyolyn from sistar19 posing

16.Share a message with STAR1 and our readers!

bora and hyolyn from sistar19 posing

Thanks for hanging out with us, SISTAR19! If you can't get enough of them, be sure to listen to their latest song, "No More (Ma Boy)," and follow them on Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter).