LeBron James stays in L.A., Klay Thompson leaves for Dallas & NBA free agency rumors | No Cap Room

On this extra long episode of No Cap Room, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer and Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine recap the last few days of free agency, including LeBron James’ ill-fated plans to take a paycut in hopes of the Lakers adding another star to the roster.

Klay Thompson, who was the most likely candidate to fill that spot for the Lakers, instead joins the Dallas Mavericks. Dan and Jake explain why getting away from the spotlight in Golden State (and L.A.) might be exactly what Klay needs at this point in his career.

Donovan Mitchell signed an extension to stay in Cleveland and, eventually, make himself a ton more money. Jayson Tatum signed the richest contract in NBA history right before the Boston Celtics majority owner went public with plans to sell the team, which seems to be a trend around the league.

Jake opens up The People’s Notebook to share all of the rumors that he’s been hearing about Lauri Markkanen’s trade market, Brandon Ingram’s contract negotiations with the Pelicans, DeMar DeRozan’s remaining options in free agency and a bunch more.

The guys play a round of Who’s This Guy?, where they describe a player using only comps to other NBA players. This time, it’s Dan explaining Isaiah Hartenstein to the Oklahoma City Thunder fans with a comparison to Victor Wembanyama and Jake explaining Deni Avdija to Portland Trail Blazers fans that may have not watched the Wizards before.

Finally, the second apron has been the talk of NBA free agency, so we do a quick vibe check on it to see if it’s bad for the players, the owners or the fans. How did it affect Paul George’s negotiations with the Clippers and how will it affect the NBA going forward?

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