‘Learn Some F**king Manners’: Singer Richard Marx Puts Chatty Fan On Blast

Singer Richard Marx seemed to reach his limit with one overly chatty fan last week.

“I’m genuinely curious who raised you to think that anything you could yell out was more important than what we were doing,” he said after a woman spoke throughout “Angelia” at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, last week. “Learn some fucking manners, lady!”

TMZ posted a video of the interaction.

Marx has been on an acoustic tour with fellow 1980s icon Rick Springfield, who added his own message.

“Do not piss my friend off,” Springfield said.

Springfield recalled performing at a venue with a bar in the back where four people were chatting while he performed his 1985 song “My Father’s Chair” and suggested what might be an equivalent situation.

He said, “I’m gonna come to your work, and I’m gonna pee on your desk while you’re working.”