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Full 2013 NRL draw

Yahoo!7 November 23, 2012, 3:33 pm



Thursday, Mar 7
Roosters vs. Rabbitohs, Allianz Stadium 8:10pm
Friday, Mar 8
Broncos vs. Sea Eagles, Suncorp Stadium 7:10pm
Saturday, Mar 9
Eels vs. Warriors, Parramatta Stadium 5:30pm
Bulldogs vs. Cowboys, ANZ Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Mar 10
Panthers vs. Raiders, Centrebet Stadium 2:00pm
Storm vs. Dragons, AAMI Park 3:00pm
Sharks vs. Titans, Toyota Stadium 6:30pm
Monday, Mar 11
Knights vs. Tigers, Hunter Stadium 7:00pm


Thursday, Mar 14
Eels vs. Bulldogs, ANZ Stadium 8:10pm
Friday, Mar 15
Dragons vs. Broncos, WIN Stadium 8:10pm
Saturday, Mar 16
Warriors vs. Roosters, Eden Park 7:30pm
Cowboys vs. Storm, Townsville Stadium 6:30pm
Sunday, Mar 17
Titans vs. Raiders, Skilled Park 1:00pm
Tigers vs. Panthers, Campbelltown Stadium 3:00pm
Sea Eagles vs. Knights, Brookvale Oval 6:30pm
Monday, Mar 18
Rabbitohs vs. Sharks, ANZ Stadium 7:00pm


Thursday, Mar 21
Storm vs. Bulldogs, AAMI Park 8:10pm
Friday, Mar 22
Tigers vs. Eels, Allianz Stadium 8:10pm
Saturday, Mar 23
Titans vs. Sea Eagles, Skilled Park 4:30pm
Roosters vs. Broncos, Allianz Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Mar 24
Sharks vs. Warriors, Toyota Stadium 2:00pm
Panthers vs. Rabbitohs, Centrebet Stadium 3:00pm
Raiders vs. Dragons, Canberra Stadium 6:30pm
Monday, Mar 25
Knights vs. Cowboys, Hunter Stadium 7:00pm


Thursday, Mar 28
Sea Eagles vs. Tigers, Brookvale Oval 8:10pm
Friday, Mar 29
Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs, ANZ Stadium 4:00pm
Broncos vs. Storm, Suncorp Stadium 7:10pm
Saturday, Mar 30
Sharks vs. Dragons, Toyota Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Mar 31
Panthers vs. Titans, Centrebet Stadium 3:00pm
Knights vs. Raiders, Hunter Stadium 6:30pm
Monday, Apr 1
Warriors vs. Cowboys, Mt Smart Stadium 6:00pm
Roosters vs. Eels, Allianz Stadium 7:00pm


Friday, Apr 5
Bulldogs vs. Sea Eagles, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm
Titans vs. Broncos, Skilled Park 7:35pm
Saturday, Apr 6
Eels vs. Sharks, Parramatta Stadium 5:30pm
Cowboys vs. Panthers, Townsville Stadium 6:30pm
Sunday, Apr 7
Warriors vs. Rabbitohs, Mt Smart Stadium 4:00pm
Dragons vs. Knights, WIN Jubilee Oval 3:00pm
Raiders vs. Roosters, Canberra Stadium 6:30pm
Monday, Apr 8
Storm vs. Tigers, AAMI Park 7:00pm


Friday, Apr 12
Broncos vs. Cowboys, Suncorp Stadium 7:35pm
Roosters vs. Bulldogs, Allianz Stadium 7:35pm
Saturday, Apr 13
Knights vs. Panthers, Hunter Stadium 5:30pm
Raiders vs. Warriors, Canberra Stadium 7:30pm
Rabbitohs vs. Storm, ANZ Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Apr 14
Sea Eagles vs. Sharks, Brookvale Oval 2:00pm
Tigers vs. Dragons, Allianz Stadium 3:00pm
Titans vs. Eels, Skilled Park 6:30pm


Thursday, Apr 25
Roosters vs. Dragons, Allianz Stadium 4:00pm
Storm vs. Warriors, AAMI Park 7:00pm
Friday, Apr 26
Sea Eagles vs. Rabbitohs, Brookvale Oval 7:45pm
Saturday, Apr 27
Cowboys vs. Raiders, Townsville Stadium 5:30pm
Tigers vs. Broncos, Campbelltown Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Apr 28
Titans vs. Knights, Skilled Park 2:00pm
Sharks vs. Bulldogs, Bluetongue Stadium 3:00pm
Monday, Apr 29
Panthers vs. Eels, Centrebet Stadium 7:00pm


Friday, May 3
Broncos vs. Rabbitohs, Suncorp Stadium 7:35pm
Bulldogs vs. Tigers, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm
Saturday, May 4
Storm vs. Raiders, AAMI Park 5:30pm
Eels vs. Cowboys, Parramatta Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, May 5
Warriors vs. Titans, Mt Smart Stadium 2:00pm
Knights vs. Sharks, Hunter Stadium 2:00pm
Roosters vs. Panthers, Allianz Stadium 4:00pm
Monday, May 6
Dragons vs. Sea Eagles, WIN Stadium 7:00pm


Friday, May 10
Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm
Tigers vs. Sharks, Allianz Stadium 7:35pm
Saturday, May 11
Warriors vs. Bulldogs, TBC 7:30pm
Eels vs. Broncos, Parramatta Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, May 12
Raiders vs. Knights, Canberra Stadium 2:00pm
Titans vs. Dragons, Skilled Park 3:00pm
Panthers vs. Storm, Centrebet Stadium 6:30pm
Monday, May 13
Sea Eagles vs. Roosters, Brookvale Oval 7:00pm


Friday, May 17
Broncos vs. Titans, Suncorp Stadium 7:35pm
Rabbitohs vs. Tigers, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm
Saturday, May 18
Dragons vs. Eels, WIN Jubilee Oval 5:30pm
Panthers vs. Warriors, Centrebet Stadium 7:30pm
Cowboys vs. Roosters, Townsville Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, May 19
Sharks vs. Raiders, Toyota Stadium 2:00pm
Knights vs. Bulldogs, Hunter Stadium 3:00pm
Monday, May 20
Storm vs. Sea Eagles, AAMI Park 7:00pm


Friday, May 24
Tigers vs. Cowboys, Leichhardt Oval 7:35pm
Bulldogs vs. Broncos, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm
Saturday, May 25
Dragons vs. Panthers, WIN Stadium 5:30pm
Roosters vs. Storm, Allianz Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, May 26
Warriors vs. Knights, Mt Smart Stadium 4:00pm
Sea Eagles vs. Raiders, Brookvale Oval 7.30pm
Eels vs. Titans, Mudgee Stadium 3:00pm
Monday, May 27
Sharks vs. Rabbitohs, Toyota Stadium 7:00pm


Friday, May 31
Bulldogs vs. Dragons, ANZ Stadium 7:45pm
Saturday, Jun 1
Rabbitohs vs. Knights, ANZ Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 2
Titans vs. Cowboys, Skilled Park 3:00pm
Monday, Jun 3
Broncos vs. Warriors, Suncorp Stadium 7:00pm
Byes: Eels, Panthers, Raiders, Roosters, Sea Eagles, Sharks, Storm, Tigers


Friday, Jun 7
Eels vs. Roosters, Parramatta Stadium 7:45pm
Saturday, Jun 8
Knights vs. Dragons, Hunter Stadium 5:30pm
Cowboys vs. Bulldogs, Townsville Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 9
Warriors vs. Sea Eagles, Mt Smart Stadium 4:00pm
Panthers vs. Tigers, Centrebet Stadium 4:00pm
Storm vs. Sharks, AAMI Park 6:30pm
Monday, Jun 10
Raiders vs. Broncos, Canberra Stadium 7:00pm
Byes: Rabbitohs, Titans


Friday, Jun 14
Dragons vs. Cowboys, WIN Stadium 7:35pm
Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs, Brookvale Oval 7:35pm
Saturday, Jun 15
Raiders vs. Panthers, Canberra Stadium 5:30pm
Sharks vs. Eels, Toyota Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 16
Rabbitohs vs. Titans, Cairns Stadium 2:00pm
Storm vs. Knights, AAMI Park 3:00pm
Roosters vs. Warriors, Allianz Stadium 6:30pm
Monday, Jun 17
Broncos vs. Tigers, Suncorp Stadium 7:00pm


Friday, Jun 21
Bulldogs vs. Roosters, ANZ Stadium 7:45pm
Saturday, Jun 22
Tigers vs. Raiders, Allianz Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 23
Eels vs. Rabbitohs, ANZ Stadium 3:00pm
Monday, Jun 24
Titans vs. Storm, Skilled Park 7:00pm
Byes: Broncos, Cowboys, Dragons, Knights, Panthers, Sea Eagles, Sharks, Warriors


Friday, Jun 28
Rabbitohs vs. Raiders, ANZ Stadium 7:45pm
Saturday, Jun 29
Tigers vs. Storm, Leichhardt Oval 5:30pm
Panthers vs. Dragons, Centrebet Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Jun 30
Knights vs. Titans, Hunter Stadium 2:00pm
Warriors vs. Broncos, Mt Smart Stadium 4:00pm
Cowboys vs. Sharks, Townsville Stadium 6:30pm
Monday, Jul 1
Roosters vs. Sea Eagles, Allianz Stadium 7:00pm
Byes: Bulldogs, Eels


Friday, Jul 5
Storm vs. Broncos, AAMI Park 7:35pm
Sharks vs. Tigers, Toyota Stadium 7:35pm
Saturday, Jul 6
Dragons vs. Roosters, WIN Jubilee Oval 5:30pm
Titans vs. Panthers, TIO Stadium 7:00pm
Sunday, Jul 7
Raiders vs. Cowboys, Canberra Stadium 2:00pm
Bulldogs vs. Knights, Mackay Stadium 3:00pm
Rabbitohs vs. Warriors, NIB Stadium 6:30pm
Monday, Jul 8
Sea Eagles vs. Eels, Brookvale Oval 7:00pm


Friday, Jul 12
Broncos vs. Sharks, Suncorp Stadium 7:45pm
Saturday, Jul 13
Eels vs. Panthers, Parramatta Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Jul 14
Bulldogs vs. Storm, TBA (NINE)3:00pm
Monday, Jul 15
Cowboys vs. Sea Eagles, Townsville Stadium 7:00pm
Byes: Dragons, Knights, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Roosters, Tigers, Titans, Warriors


Friday, Jul 19
Tigers vs. Warriors, Allianz Stadium 7:45pm
Saturday, Jul 20
Raiders vs. Eels, Canberra Stadium 5:30pm
Roosters vs. Sharks, Allianz Stadium 7:30pm
Sunday, Jul 21
Panthers vs. Knights, Centrebet Stadium 2:00pm
Sea Eagles vs. Titans, Brookvale Oval 3:00pm
Monday, Jul 22
Rabbitohs vs. Dragons, ANZ Stadium 7:00pm
Byes: Broncos, Bulldogs, Cowboys, Storm

Cowboys vs. Broncos, Townsville Stadium 7:35pm
Bulldogs vs. Eels, ANZ Stadium 7:35pm
Saturday, Jul 27
Dragons vs. Raiders, WIN Jubilee Oval 5:30pm
Titans vs. Rabbitohs, Skilled Park 7:30pm
Sunday, Jul 28
Warriors vs. Storm, Mt Smart Stadium 2:00pm
Sharks vs. Panthers, Toyota Stadium 2:00pm
Knights vs. Roosters, Hunter Stadium 3:00pm
Monday, Jul 29
Tigers vs. Sea Eagles, Allianz Stadium 7:00pm


Knights vs. Broncos
Dragons vs. Bulldogs
Panthers vs. Roosters
Eels vs. Sea Eagles
Warriors vs. Sharks
Raiders vs. Storm
Titans vs. Tigers
Cowboys vs. Rabbitohs


Broncos vs. Dragons
Eels vs. Tigers
Roosters vs. Raiders
Sharks vs. Knights
Storm vs. Rabbitohs
Sea Eagles vs. Warriors
Panthers vs. Cowboys
Bulldogs vs. Titans


Broncos vs. Eels
Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles
Cowboys vs. Titans
Dragons vs. Sharks
Warriors vs. Panthers
Knights vs. Storm
Raiders vs. Bulldogs
Tigers vs. Roosters


Panthers vs. Broncos
Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs
Cowboys vs. Knights
Titans vs. Warriors
Dragons vs. Tigers
Raiders vs. Sea Eagles
Storm vs. Eels
Sharks vs. Roosters


Broncos vs. Knights
Tigers vs. Rabbitohs
Roosters vs. Titans
Sea Eagles vs. Storm
Warriors vs. Raiders
Bulldogs vs. Panthers
Sharks vs. Cowboys
Eels vs. Dragons


Broncos vs. Bulldogs
Rabbitohs vs. Roosters
Raiders vs. Sharks
Dragons vs. Warriors
Cowboys vs. Tigers
Sea Eagles vs. Panthers
Knights vs. Eels
Storm vs. Titans

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  1. Wally11:55am Sunday 25th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    David, It will happen. Not next season but not too far in the future. The ARLC is not stupid, they would not alienate the Central Coast & run the risk of losing thousands of fans of the game.

    1 Reply
  2. David10:33am Sunday 25th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    What tha only one NRL game at blue tounge stadium in 2013 what a f___ing joke. whats the point of having a stadium built for rugby league if they are not gunna play any games on it. as it wasn't built for any other sport in the beginning. so much for trying to get an NRL team on the central coast.