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NRL preliminary finals teams

Yahoo!7 September 18, 2012, 7:38 pm

Storm v Sea Eagles, AAMI Park, Friday @1945
1.Billy Slater, 2. Sisa Waqa, 3. Dane Nielsen, 4. Will Chambers, 5. Justin O'Neill, 6. Gareth Widdop, 7. Cooper Cronk, 8. Jesse Bromwich, 9. Cameron Smith, 10. Bryan Norrie, 11. Sika Manu, 12. Ryan Hoffman, 13. Ryan Hinchcliffe
Interchange:14. Todd Lowrie, 15. Jason Ryles, 16. Jaiman Lowe, 17. Kevin Proctor, 18. Rory Kostjasyn, 19. Mahe Fonua, 20. Richie Fa'aoso (three to be omitted)

Sea Eagles:
1.Brett Stewart, 2. Jorge Taufua, 3. Jamie Lyon, 4. Steve Matai, 5. Dean Whare, 6. Kieran Foran, 7. Daly Cherry-Evans, 8. Jason King, 9. Matt Ballin, 10. Brent Kite, 11. Anthony Watmough, 12. Tony Williams, 13. Glenn Stewart
Interchange: 14. Jamie Buhrer, 15. Joe Galuvao, 16. Darcy Lussick, 17. Vic Mauro, 18. George Rose (one to be omitted)

Referees: Matt Cecchin/Tony Archer
Video Referee: Russell Smith/Sean Hampstead

Bulldogs v Rabbitohs, ANZ Stadium, Saturday @1945
1.Ben Barba, 2. Sam Perrett, 3. Josh Morris, 4. Krisnan Inu, 5. Jonathan Wright, 6. Josh Reynolds, 7. Kris Keating, 8. Aiden Tolman, 9. Michael Ennis, 10. Sam Kasiano, 11. Frank Pritchard, 12. Josh Jackson, 13. Greg Eastwood
Interchange: 14. James Graham, 15. Dale Finucane, 16. Corey Payne, 17. David Stagg, 18. Dene Halatau (one to be omitted)

1.Greg Inglis, 2. Nathan Merritt, 3. Chris McQueen, 4. Dylan Farrell, 5.Andrew Everingham, 6. John Sutton, 7. Adam Reynolds, 8. Luke Burgess, 9. Issac Luke, 10. Roy Asotasi, 11.Sam Burgess, 12. Dave Taylor, 13. Michael Crocker
Interchange: 14. Nathan Peats, 15. Dave Tyrell, 16. Eddy Pettybourne, 17. Ben Lowe, 18. Justin Hunt, 19. Jason Clark (two to be omitted)

Referees: Shayne Hayne/Ben Cummins
Video Referee: Chris Ward/Bernard Sutton

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