Should Stewart make way?

Peter Peters March 15, 2012, 10:23 pm

Imagine you had three good sorts (there's that term phrase again!) chasing you and you had to ditch two to keep one.

That's the dilemma facing the Manly Sea Eagles as they fight to hold on to some of the hottest property in the NRL.


Stewart, Kieran Foran and Daly Cherry-Evans are attracting massive
attention from any number of clubs and fans are desperately hoping the
premiers can retain all three.

They would hate to see one sacrificed to make sure the other two stay.

My mail is Manly will throw everything at the No.6 and 7 to ensure they are not split up.

We are talking about arguably the best halves pairing in the game, who have only just embarked on their respective careers.

has represented New Zealand and Cherry-Evans wore the green and gold
last year and has good judges like Wally Lewis and Cameron Smith
demanding he be picked for Queensland.

Cherry-Evans' manager has created a stir by asking for a release for 2013 because his client is on a very modest contract.

At $85,000 for this year and $125,000 for next, it's easy to see his viewpoint.

DCE could command $400-450,000 a season considering what some No.7s in the comp are on.

Ask yourself who you'd rather at your club - your current halfback or Cherry-Evans?

Case closed.

it is hard on the Sea Eagles who should be applauded for some astute
negotiation work when they tied DCE up without breaking the bank two
years ago.

Now he's hit the big time the club is in the firing line for not offering him more.

You simply can't win either way.

I believe Manly will keep hold of Foran and Cherry-Evans but it would be hard to retain Brett Stewart as well.

Still, it would take a brave man to be the one holding the exit door open to the Snake.

is no more popular player at Manly and you'd risk alienating his legion
of fans if the brilliant fullback was to run out in anything other than
maroon and white.

Okay, time to salvage some pride and climb back up the tipping comp.

My round three predictions are: Dragons, Broncos, Storm, Cowboys, Warriors, Raiders, Panthers, Sea Eagles.

Speak next week my friends.