Greg Inglis' hit on Dean Young has been the big talking point in rugby league circles this week.

Debate is understandable because the collisions seem to be getting more full-on and players' welfare is coming into question, but I'd hate to see a knee-jerk reaction to ban the shoulder charge completely.

Ask players and fans and they will tell you they love them. Big hits can change the course of games and fire everyone up.

Ask coaches and it might be a different story!

The thing about shoulder charges is that they are low-percentage plays that are never practised. They're also ineffective if not executed well the defensive player usually comes off second best, allowing the attacking side to get a quick play the ball.

Those things aside, I still think they should be allowed. Rugby union has taken them out of its game and is lesser for it.

My opinion is that ultimately the onus should fall back on the player. Some are good at them, others aren't, and if a defender chooses to come off the line and gets it wrong, they know a stint on the sideline is coming.

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves at our club has a habit of pulling off big one versus one hits and I love it. They are the big boys' version of a freak pass or a great line break and more power to them.

If JWH pulls off a trademark charge tonight against Luke Douglas or Luke Bailey, I'll be the first one there patting him on the back.

Looking to the Titans game, I'm excited to play Friday night footy again, especially the chance to get another one up on my younger brother Mark.

The big man spent most of his childhood copying my style and running around trying to catch me. Not much has changed since then - don't expect him to get near me tonight!

Elsewhere around the competition, the Bulldogs continue to get better each week. Des Hasler coming into the club has made a big difference, instilling belief and greater intensity throughout the whole squad.

Josh Morris and Ben Barba have been standouts, but perhaps their biggest leg-up in 2012 has been the fact that not many players were involved in the rep games.

While other clubs like Melbourne and Brisbane have suffered obvious hangovers following the Origin period, the Bulldogs seem to go from strength to strength.

Until next week, Mini.


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