LeBron James turns Laura Ingraham's 'shut up and dribble' into a statement on police brutality

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham drew heat from athletes Thursday for her Drew Brees take that contradicted her infamous “shut up and dribble” decree aimed at LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

James joined Mike Evans, Naomi Osaka and others in chastising her hypocrisy in defending Drew Brees’ right to condemn kneeling during the national anthem.

LeBron repurposes Ingraham’s words

He then released a new video repurposing “shut up and dribble” on his “Uninterrupted” Twitter handle. The 30-second clip makes clear allusions to police violence against black Americans on the same day a memorial for George Floyd took place in Minneapolis.

It’s not the first time James has embraced Ingraham’s words to deliver his own message alongside “Uninterrupted” business partner Maverick Carter.

The pair also produced a three-part documentary for Showtime titled “Shut Up and Dribble.” Like on Thursday, James turned the derogatory phrase around to highlight the history of black athletes taking political and social stances in the 2018 series.

LeBron James continues to embrace and repurpose Laura Ingraham's infamous "shut up and dribble" decree. (Brian Rothmuller/Getty Images)

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